Video: Man Risks His Life to Ride White Rhino

We may have a new leader in the unfortunate, yet ever continuously ongoing race to do the most asinine thing imaginable for the sole purpose of putting proof of it on the Internet.

A video of an idiot riding a white rhino went viral this week. There are actually two people in the video: One that sneaks into an enclosure to jump on the back of and “ride” the rhino and the camera man, who breaks from saying “dude” every three seconds to put his mug in front of the lens. It is unclear where the video was shot or who the two idiots are. And, yes, “idiot” is the correct term.

To understand just how stupid a move this was on the part of the rider, I asked my friend Jofie Lamprecht, who has been a professional hunter in Namibia and elsewhere in Africa for more than 10 years. He has successfully hunted rhino four times. He said, “Rhino can turn on a dime, outrun any human and flip a truck with just a flick of his head. This is not an animal to be taken lightly, even when carrying a heavy double rifle.”

In other words, the guy is lucky the rhino didn’t squash him into pulp.
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