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Pack of Raccoons Attacks WA Jogger

Lakewood, Washington resident Michaela Lee was savagely attacked by a gaze of raccoons Monday afternoon whilst jogging with her dog near Fort Steilacoom Park. Lee told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Kevin McCarty that the attack came after her dog got away from her and apparently confronted a nursery of coons. Lee said, “Three other raccoons charged me. They came out of the grass and they were just biting and scratching my legs.”

Lee tried to flee only to have the bandit-masked rats attack her again and again. “They stayed with me, and they were clawing the back of my legs, and they tripped me and I fell down. And they were just on me,” Lee said. Fortunately for Lee, her dog Matty went on the attack. Lee said Matty came, “Just teeth bared, growling…and gave me time. I picked one of the raccoons up and instinctively flung it and she gave me time to get up and defend myself.”

Lee called animal control as well as medics once able to return home. There, she was treated for 22 scratches and six bites. Matty the dog was unscathed. It is believed that the lead attack coon was a mother trying to protect her offspring. Lee said she has purchased some bear mace to carry on future jogs. Lee doesn’t need bear mace. She needs Hannah Montana Coon Repellant.