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How to Haul Out a Moose with Two Trucks and a Cable

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There are a handful of reasons to kill a moose: it’s charging you; you called it in to bow range; or it’s mowing down your crops.

But, probably the most logical reason for shooting a moose is for the meat. Moose meat is some of the richest, tenderest, most delicious venison in the woods. I was recently on a trip in Alberta hunting with the T/C Dimension rifle and Rugged Outfitting, and while moose populations around North America are in flux, the area we were in (between Calgary and Edmonton) was chock-full of them. They were in farm fields and frozen muskeg swamps, in the ditches along the roads, and in the expansive logging cuts. In a week of hunting I saw more than 75 moose. Our group piled up the venison quickly.

It was during this meat collection process that I learned a quick and easy method for dragging a moose to the road and loading it into a truck. All you need is a buddy, two pickups, a pulley, a long cable, and a strong rope.

The moose in the video were killed by a native hunting guide named Lloyd. He drove his truck up to them, got out, and shot them at 75 yards, one behind the ear and one in the neck — the most dedicated meat hunters want to preserve internal organs and venison from the shoulder if possible.

Most of the meat from these two moose was delivered to the school on Lloyd’s reservation where it will be served during lunch (Lloyd saved the hearts and the noses for himself).

Sometimes, there’s more than sport at stake during a hunt.