Turkey Hunting photo

Oops, we did it again! And, no, we’re not talking Britney Spears here. As OL works to develop the ultimate sporting Web site complete with info and insight on the latest tactics for hunting and fishing, cool places to go and the gear to use once you ‘ re there, our offering of blogs – with this posting – has now officially increased by one.

Most of you have already checked out the Outdoor Life News Blog and Mike Hanback’s Big Buck Zone, so when the eds here got to kicking around ideas for other blogs to glut the Internet with, it only made sense to create one for the fastest-growing segment of hard-core hunters out there – wild turkey hunters!

Best of all, it’s just in time for the coming turkey season. If you need to know where to find season dates and license info, you’ll find it here.Want to know how the birds are working in a particular state? Check me out. Looking for the coolest new calls or where you can go to finish out that Grand Slam? Come on in. Wondering why the heck those birds aren’t gobbling on your place? Um, good luck – not even the biologists can figure that one out! But hey, I’ll do my best to toss out a few theories.

Best of all, just like your spouse’s complaining, this thing won’t end when the season does. I’ll be right here keeping you up-to-date on everything that’s wild turkey right through the fall turkey season. Then we’ll do it all again.

I’ve been working hard to line up all of my contacts – pro staffers and calling champs, lodge operators and fellow outdoor writers and even a few shopkeepers, factory workers, salesmen and mechanics who just love and know how to hunt turkeys – to help keep me informed of what they’re hearing and seeing out there when I ‘ m not out there myself. And I want to hear from you, too. With your help, we can make this one of the best turkey hunting networks of information out there. Just email me. Interns are standing by.