We all want to get that extra edge when we’re looking down the barrel at a strutting gobbler. Fatigue kicks in if we have to hold steady too long as that tough tom works into range. Arms and wrists wobble and shake. Sometimes that errant movement can blow the whole deal for us, and turkeys spook. Putt-putt! Expletive deleted. Game over man. Until next time.

Some guys use shooting sticks to stabilize their firearm’s weight. Another product has just arrived on the scene for this turkey season to help you do just that.

Stoney Point’s so-called Rapid Pivot system, previously only marketed in the rifleman’s domain, is available for shotgun now. Both bipod and tripod versions attach to the magazine cap and can be quickly detached when not in use. Why bother? Not only can you fix point of aim prior to your killing shot, but the rapid pivot yoke also adjusts for height.

Here at the Strut Zone we like to talk about new gear the way we might at a turkey camp pre-dawn breakfast table before the morning’s hunt.

I’ll be honest. I tend to be a run-and-gun guy who begins with a lot of gear in some early turkey states, and then grooms my vest down to lean-and-mean mode. While I’ve tagged turkeys with many different shotguns over the years, I tend to carry a 12-gauge pump. Old school. Carrying an extra shotgun stabilizing system usually isn’t on my big-woods running radar.

Except for this: I can see one huge advantage in using something like this when mentoring a young or new turkey hunter. Shooting sticks, and systems such as Stoney Point’s Rapid Pivot options, might help that neophyte hunter settle in for the one killing shot. What do you Strut Zoners think? Do you carry shooting sticks and the like? Dislike them with a passion reserved for political arguments? Ever kill or miss a bird because of a shooting stick, bipod or tripod?

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