Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman

Airgun Contributor

Jim Chapman is Outdoor Life’s top airgun contributor. He writes air gun reviews on the best hunting air rifles and shares his years of experience in airgunning with Outdoor Life readers. He lives in Minnesota with his family.


  • Expertise and interests include hunting with firearms and airguns for small and big game. 
  • Chapman has traveled the world hunting with air rifles and showing the world their capabilities. 


Jim Chapman began with hunting firearms and has since hunted big game throughout the country. After college he moved to Europe, where he was introduced to high quality airguns and the active airgun hunting culture in Britain. Returning to California several years later, he started using these guns to hunt small game more seriously. In subsequent travels through Asia, Australia, and South Africa, he continued shooting airguns along with firearms, hunting where and when he had the opportunity.
In the early 2000s, Jim was introduced to precharged pneumatic airguns, and started traveling extensively to hunt with them, working his way throughout North America. A couple years later, he was introduced to the first of the modern big-bore airguns, and this is where big-game airgun hunting kicked in. Jim has taken big game in every state where airguns are legal and conducted the first sanctioned big game airgun hunts in South Africa, returning for seven airgunning safaris since.
Jim currently lives with his family in Minnesota and travels throughout the U.S.A. and abroad to hunt with airguns. He has contributed to American Airgunner’s television show and has been a guest on several nationally broadcasted radio programs. Jim has an active online presence with his YouTube channel and website, American Airgun Hunter, and in addition to his work with Outdoor Life, has contributed airgun content to several other outdoor publications in the US and UK.

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