So what do you buy for the budding young survivalists in your family? Or for the diehard prepper who seems to already have it all? These are tough questions to answer, and you would have a tough job ahead, if not for our handy list. If you want your survival-minded friends and family to squeal with delight after they open your holiday gift, then read on.

Need some stocking stuffers or a few extra goodies? Or maybe you want to build someone a survival kit as a gift? Nothing says “I care” like giving a gift that will help keep someone alive. Here are some simple solutions to fill your shopping list.

Space Blanket
You can’t have too many of these! And they have 101 uses, besides staying warm.

Go for the nice water-proof camping matches. They’ll thank you when fire starting in wet weather.

Iodine tablets
Yum. Safe water that tastes like a doctor’s office smells. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Chem lights
Since these go bad over time, replacements are always welcome.

Duct tape
Is there any issue it CAN’T solve?

Toilet paper
A fun gag gift with many practical applications. I like to wind the TP on a stick, soak it in oil, and light it up to make a torch.

P-38 can opener
These go great on key chains, and are very small yet durable.

With the well-stocked prepper or outdoor enthusiast, they may already have one of everything. In this situation, you may need to go with a gift that gives them a back-up piece of gear. It may not be as nice as their primary gear, but they should be happy to have some redundancy since “one is none.”

Mora knife
This is the best wood carving and bushcraft knife you’ll find for less than fifty bucks, and it usually only runs $14 to $19. Great deal!

Another item where you can’t have enough of it. A $10 bundle should be a welcomed sight. You could also get several in different colors.

This magnetic marvel can make the difference between staying lost and getting home. You could also spring for some topo maps of great local parks and wild places. Just don’t buy this one.

You’ll be Santa’s helper for sure, after handing out these.

Medical kit
A kick-ass first-aid kit or trauma kit can save a life. What’s better than that?

Prepare For Anything, the Hunting &Gathering Survival Manual, How To Survive Anything, the Ultimate Winter Survival Handbook, so many choices!

Who wouldn’t like a nice Leatherman, SOG, or Gerber multi-tool? They slice, they dice, they file and they saw. They’re like a whole tool chest in your pocket.

If you know what kind of ammunition your gift recipient favors, you can give them the gift of brass and lead, rather than the traditional frankincense and gold.

Got a great gift idea? Please share it in the comments.

Good luck with your shopping and we hope you and yours have a great holiday season.