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I have long been a fanatic of Mora steel wood carving knives. The knives that use this laminated steel are strong, long-lasting, and razor sharp right out of the package. I didn’t think they could get any better–until somebody added a quality spark rod to one of these knives.

The Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife is the result of a collaboration between Light My Fire and Mora of Sweden. Together they have created a sharp and sturdy knife with a built-in fire starter.

The 3.5-inch blade is crafted from Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel and sits in a rubberized handle, which contains the hidden fire starter rod. The double-bevel blade cuts like a champ, plowing through leather pieces, carving wood, and cutting one-inch webbing like it was paper. The choice to go with stainless steel on this knife blade has eliminated the most common complaint about Mora steel (how easily it rusts).

The Swedish FireSteel firestarter is the best quality ferrocerrium rod on the market today. The cascade of 5,400-degree sparks is plentiful and easy to create, making the rod great for everyday campfire starting and survival purposes, alike. The FireSteel works equally well dry or wet, and at all altitudes. This spark rod needs to be twisted to unlock it from the handle, which is a great feature to keep your fire starter safely in place until you need it.

Altogether, the knife, spark rod, and sturdy plastic sheath weigh a little over 4 ounces. They are available in several color choices (I recommend orange for safety and visibility), and retail around $35.