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Survival Gear Review: 550 Fire Cord

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From bracelets and bootlaces, to gun slings and zipper pulls, parachute cord, also known as 550 paracord, has taken many forms and been a favorite of military professionals, preppers, and outdoor enthusiasts for years. It’s strong, lightweight, and suits a diverse range of survival tasks. How could it be any better than it already is? Well, what if someone made a 550 cord that could be used as fire starting material? That’s just what the folks at Live Fire have done.

This stuff looks and feels like any other brand of parachute cord, but cut the end and you’ll see an extra strand with a red color. This is the fire strand that makes this product unique. Cut a section free and apply an open flame to the end for instant fire, regardless of dampness. Shred that strand a little, and it even becomes receptive to sparks from ferrocerium rods. This novel and creative cordage will soon be hanging from all my gear. You can easily turn it into zipper pulls, bracelets, key chains, and more.

Here are the specs for 550 Fire Cord:
25 feet weighs only 2.6 ounces and costs $12.49
Comes is several colors, from camo brown and green, to high-visibility orange and blue
The red fire starter strand is completely waterproof
The fire strand lights with a spark or a flame