Survival Foraging & Gardening

How to Build and Grow the Fastest Survival Garden Ever

Survival gardens are an important food security strategy for the self-reliant. These veggie plots can provide a valuable source of calories and nutrients. They also give you the opportunity to resupply in the event of a lengthy state of emergency. But many people don’t engage in the age-old art of gardening because they don’t think they have good dirt, or they think that it will take a long time to set up. But what if there was a faster way to get things done? By using bags of potting mix and high-calorie plants as an “instant garden,” you’ll get your garden set up in record time. You’ll have no excuse now. Here’s how to build the fastest survival garden ever if you’re ever in a pinch.

1. Buy Your Supplies
Each bag of potting mix or topsoil will be your growing medium and your container, all in one. You’ll also need seeds or seedlings of high calorie plants. Various peas and beans are a great choice, as they don’t need the deep soil that root crops require.

2. Prep the Bag
Toss or roll the bag of soil around, if it seems compacted. This will loosen and aerate the soil. With a knife, poke a dozen small holes in one side of the bag for drainage. Then lay the bag in the spot where it will remain, with the small holes to the ground.

3. Plant
Cut a few openings in the top of the bag, and plant your seeds or seedlings.

4. Water and Wait
Water as needed, ideally in the morning to discourage the fungal disease that evening watering can promote. Wait and watch, making sure that insect pests and disease don’t get the better of your plants. Then harvest and enjoy when the time is right. While this technique isn’t suitable for large vegetable plants, it’s a great way to grow more compact species and varieties.

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