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Survival Gear Test: Niteize LED-Light Gear Tie

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LED gear tie

There’s one thing that I find myself using all time that’s hard to get a handle on – a light. Unless you’ve learned to see in the dark (unlikely), then having a dependable source of light can be a really big deal in a survival situation. That’s why I was so excited to see a compact LED light come out with multiple settings. The twist? It’s also a gear tie. The concept was creative, but how did it perform? Let’s find out.

This is truly two pieces of gear in one. It’s both an LED light and an 18-inch gear tie. I noticed right away that the unit is lightweight and the gear wrap is flexible. It weighs less than an ounce and the snaking metal wire was easy to bend, yet rigid enough to hold its shape in any position—right out of the package. It included instructions, but they aren’t necessary. The light’s operation was very intuitive, an important feature for stressful situations. It has four lighting modes: high power, low power, strobe, and signal mode. The lumen output was respectable for a squeeze light: It gives 6 lumens on high (enough to read and signal for help) and 1lumen on low (good for checking pupils and making the battery last).

Here are some of the specs:

— Run Time: High Mode 10 hours | Low Mode 22 hours
— Easily replaceable lithium battery included (2 x 2016 3V)
— It weighs only 0.85 ounces
— The MSRP is $12.99

The best part about this new product is the limitless applications you can wring out of it. Bend the tie into a hook and hang it up to read. Form the tie into a stand to give you hands-free lighting. Bundle your 550 cord together with it. Anything you need, this innovative gear tie does the trick. This one is going in my camping gear, and I’ll be buying one for each vehicle soon, since I can snake it around just about anything in the engine compartment. I do wish this light was a little brighter, but I’m still happy with it.

And, if this type of product seems strangely familiar, you may have caught it’s inventor, Dan Martinson, sharing some of his latest gear on the History Channel’s new show Million Dollar Genius. Find out more about this product and its siblings at Have you tried a NiteIze gear tie or a similar product?