There are so many types of camp stoves available today that it’s impossible to pick one all-purpose burner. A backpacking stove isn’t much good for park-and-pitch family camping, and you won’t get far lugging that two-burner suitcase contraption into the backcountry. But for everyday use short of wilderness trekking, it’s hard to beat a single-burner butane stove. They’re lightweight, start with the press of a button, and are just as handy in the kitchen or at a backyard barbecue as in camp. Look for these features in a personal butane burner.

Adjustable Temperature Control

The best models are super simple. Amazon

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The best trait of single burner stoves is the hassle-free ignition. No pumping or connecting the fuel bottle. Just set up, click the switch, and you have a proper outdoor kitchen almost anywhere.

Auto Ignition

Heats up more than one thing simultaneously. Amazon

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While butane is usually the primary fuel for a single-burner stove, many come equipped with a fuel-line adapter to attach a standard propane bottle. That’s handy in very cold conditions, as propane has a much lower boiling point than butane. A folding windscreen will also conserve heat and protect meals in gusty conditions.

Bonus Items

A carrying case makes it easy to keep all your fuel and parts in one place. Amazon

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A carrying case keeps all components of a single-burner stove in one place and makes everything easy to store. To begin cooking, it’s really as easy as opening the lid and pushing a button.