Best Prime Day Deals 2021 on Camping Gear

Take advantage of deep discounts on camping gear during Prime Day.
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Owning the right camping gear can easily make the difference between spending a miserable night in the outdoors and having a camping trip with your friends or family that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Whether you like to car camp or backpack into the backcountry, your camping gear needs to do two things: stand up to the elements and keep you comfortable. The correct gear will do that—and you can find it here among the best Prime Day deals.

If you’ll be gearing on camping gear, Amazon Prime Day 2021 is a good day to find deals on it. This guide will help you find the top prime day deals on the best camping gear available on Prime Day. Until then, we scoured Amazon pages and found the best deals on camping gear available on Amazon right now.

What is Prime Day? Prime Day is a one-day event when Amazon discounts many products for Prime members. An Amazon Prime Membership also provides year-round perks such as free two-day shipping, rewards at Amazon Stores such as Whole Foods, and streaming through Prime Video. 

Amazon Prime Day 2021 will take place in June. If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up here and take advantage of the 30-day free trial.

Best Prime Day Deals on Camping Tents

Prime Day is a great opportunity to find good deals on big-ticket items, and camping tents are arguably the most important part of camping setups. A good tent is durable, waterproof, and wind-resistant. Look for a tent that fits your needs. If you’re backpacking or going on pack trips into the backcountry, get a tent that is portable. If you’re going camping with large groups, get a large tent with extra features such as a rainfly. Prime Day will likely feature great discounts on all kinds of tents. Do some research on what kind of tent is right for you and get ready to pull the trigger when the best Prime Day deals arise.

Best Prime Day Deals on Backpacking Tents: Kazoo Waterproof Backpacking Tent


The Kazoo Waterproof Backpacking Tent features a strong aluminum frame and a surprisingly spacious interior. It weighs less than 5 ½ pounds and packs down small for easy transport on the trail. 

Best Car Camping Tent Deals on Prime Day: Coleman Sundome Tent

Time Tested

Coleman makes tried and true camping products. With the Sundome Tent, the company offers a no-frills camping tent ideal for car camping. The tent fits three full-sized adults and comes with a truly weather-proof design.

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on Sleeping Bags

Expect to see prices drop on all kinds of sleeping bags during Prime Day. Make sure your sleeping bag is rated for the overnight temperatures of the places you expect to camp in. A summer sleeping bag is light and rated to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. A three-season bag is typically rated to 15 -degrees Fahrenheit. A 0-degree rated bag is best for camping in cold climates. Keep scrolling to find the best Amazon Prime Day deals on sleeping bags!

Best Sleeping Bag Deals on Prime Day 2021: KingCamp 3 Season Camping Sleeping Bag 30℉

Camp Comfort

The KingCamp 3 Season Camping Sleeping Bag 30℉ features 100% hollow cotton thermal insulation. The bag is designed to become a double sleeping bag when combined with a second KingCamp sleeping bag. The bag is rip-resistant and has a waterproof polyester outing.

Best Sleeping Bag For Backpacking Deal: FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20℉

All-Season Performance

The FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20℉ is a portable sleeping bag that comes with a compact stuff sack. It’s rated to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for using in the summer as well as the shoulder seasons. It’s waterproof and breathable, too.

Best Prime Day 2021 Deals on Sleeping Pads

Sleeping pads serve two critical functions. They provide comfort, much like a mattress, and they also insulate you from the cold ground, which would otherwise rob your body heat. A good sleeping pad, whether foam or self-inflating, will help you get the maximum warmth and comfort from your sleeping bag. Keep scrolling to find the best Amazon Prime Day deals on sleeping pads!

Best Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Deals on Prime Day: INVOKER Camping Sleeping pad

Easy Set-Up

INVOKER Camping Sleeping pad makes setting up camp easier. It inflates rapidly using self-inflating technology. The 2.76-inch thick Flex Foam makes for a durable pad that’s unlikely to puncture.

Best Lightweight Sleeping Pad Deal: KEPLUG Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Pack Small

The KEPLUG Inflatable Sleeping Pad is lightweight and comfortable. A foot pump makes for quick inflation. The pad’s 40D nylon makes it moisture- and puncture-resistant.

Best Prime Day Deals on Camp Stoves

A camp stove is your kitchen when you’re camping, so your stove should use fuel efficiently and allow you to heat up your food quickly. Do you want one or two burners? The answer to this question will help you decide what kind of camp stove to get. If you plan on bringing your camp stove with you into the backcountry, consider getting a small portable stove. Keep scrolling to find the best Prime Day deals on camping stoves!

Best Portable Camp Stove Deal: Whaiffa Portable Camping Gas Stove

No Frills

The Whaiffa Portable Camping Gas Stove is a lightweight, high-efficiency camping stove that delivers more than enough heat to cook breakfast or dinner. Piezo ignition allows you to light it without another flame source. A stainless steel heat shield allows the stove to function in windy conditions.

Best Car Camping Stove Deal: Alocs Camping Cookware Camping Stove

Smart Design

The Alocs Camping Cookware Camping Stove comes with a two-liter pot, making it ideal for cooking for a large group. The boiler-in-one design means you can heat up water—or soup—quickly and efficiently. It’s stable and wind-resistant to boot. 

Best Camp Oven Deals on Prime Day 2021: Coleman Camp Oven

Portable Baking

The Coleman Camp Oven is a legit oven. With precise temperature control and three adjustable baking racks, you can create oven-baked meals and desserts no matter where you’re camping. It folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

Best Prime Day Deals on Camping Chairs

Kick back at camp with a new camp chair. Camp chairs make camping enjoyable, period. The best camping chair provides a place to sit at a comfortable height, so you can sit close to the fire without having to find and roll up a log. Keep scrolling to find the best Prime Day deals 2021 on camping chairs!

Best Folding Camping Chair Deal: Coastrail Outdoor Folding Camping Chair

Cool and Comfortable

Coastrail Outdoor Folding Camping Chair is a breathable camp chair that comes equipped with a side table cooler. You can use the side table to hold drinks and food and keep whatever you’re not eating cold inside the cooler compartment. The chair also features two large cup holders.

Best Portable Camping Chair Deal: MingSo Mini Portable Folding Stool

Packable Convenience

The MingSo Mini Portable Folding Stool provides a sturdy seat anywhere.  It weighs only 1.3 pounds and is easy to store in a pack.

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals on Camping Hammocks

Camping hammocks are portable hammocks that you can put up between two trees. You can use them to hang out at camp and read a book, take a nap at lunchtime, or even sleep in them overnight. Keep scrolling to find the best Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals on camping hammocks!

Best Camping Hammock Deal: Gold Armour Camping Hammock

Lightweight and Functional

The Gold Armour Camping Hammock is an inexpensive and functional camping hammock. It comfortably supports weights up to 500 pounds. The hammock is made with 100% polyester triple-stitched straps that prevent sagging.

Best Two-Person Camping Hammock Deal: Yeeco Double Camping Hammock

Bug-Free Swinging

The Yeeco Double Camping Hammock is a great option to hang and use for two people. It’s got plenty of room and is made with a breathable nylon fabric. The hammock comes with a bug net that prevents annoying insects from bothering you while you’re relaxing.

Best Prime Day Deals on Camping Accessories

Keep any eye out for camping accessories that you want to add to your camping kit on Prime Day. Accessories—some of which you may have never considered, or even know existed—can make your camping experience much more enjoyable.

Best Solar Charger Deal: Durecopow 20000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

Stay Fully Charged

You can charge the Durecopow 20000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank at home via an outlet, and recharge it in the backcountry with the device’s solar panel. Besides being a power source, it also has an LED flashlight and a compass.

Best Portable Espresso Maker: Viesimple Portable Espresso Machine

Premium Coffee

The Viesimple Portable Espresso Machine allows you to make espresso at camp with the push of a button. It’s compatible with a 12V car charger and is perfect for car camping. 

Amazon Prime Day 2021 FAQ:

When is Prime Day 2021?

Prime Day 2021 will occur in June. Bookmark this page and check for updates.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime day is a yearly sales event available to Amazon Prime Members. You’ll be able to find great Prime Day deals on all kinds of products, including camping equipment.

When does Prime Day end?

Prime Day ends at midnight, but the deals don’t stop there. Amazon offers good deals on camping gear all year long. The products above are some of the best camping deals available right now. See all the best Amazon deals here.

The Final Word on the Best Prime Day Deals on Camping Gear

Amazon Prime Day has some of the best deals online, period. This is especially true for discount camping gear. Use Prime Day to find deals on high-quality camping supplies. Whether you’re looking to purchase a tent or a portable espresso maker, find the best Prime Day deals for you, here! Happy deal hunting!

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