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Anyone who is lucky enough to have a mom that hunts—is lucky enough. And while necklaces and new fancy electronic devices are cool gifts, they probably won’t help her fill a tag next fall. So, this year, think outside the box and give an awesome gift that any mom who hunts would be thrilled to get. 

It’s easy to get lost in the endless pages of gear when trying to find the best gifts for hunters. This guide should help spark some ideas for unique gifts and make the shopping process a little easier. 

The hunting gifts below cover various pursuits, including deer, big game, upland, waterfowl, and turkey. This short list of best gifts for mom doesn’t nearly cover all the great choices out there, but is a good starting point—or a good ending point for last-minute shoppers.

How to choose the best hunting gift for Mother’s Day

One of the best ways to get an excellent hunting gift is to keep it simple. Think about different elements of the hunt, like clothing and essential gear. It can be something universal for multiple pursuits or a unique gift tailored to a specific hunting style. No matter what, each idea should be useful, whether it’s a new jacket or turkey call. 

Best Gifts for Moms Who Deer Hunt: Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder



Almost every deer hunter knows the feeling of missing a shot they should have made. Whether it’s with a bow or gun, having an exact range can make the difference between filling a tag or not. This all-glass optical system has an enlarged objective lens and can range out to 1,300 yards. It has 6-power optical magnification to lock onto targets quickly and a strong surface coating to fight rain, snow, and other debris. 

Best Gifts for Backcountry Hunters: Trekking Poles



If a hunter plans to spend an extended period of time in the backcountry, trekking poles are a must. The poles offer more stability when maneuvering tricky terrain and provide balance when crossing rivers, icy ridges, and snow covered mountains. 

Best Gifts for Moms Who Duck Hunt: Tanglefree Flight Series Floating Gun Case



Duck hunting gear gets put through the wringer. It’s almost impossible to keep equipment dry while out in the marsh, and the last thing a hunter wants is their gun getting wet. Keeping a shotgun dry is crucial to prevent rust from forming on the barrel and receiver. This floating case will keep the rain, snow, and ice off of the gun, and if dropped in the water, it won’t sink to the bottom. 

Best Gifts for Moms Who Hunt Big Game: Primos Bipod Shooting Stick

Tan camo, height adjustable trigger stick
Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops


Even the most experienced hunters can get buck fever when the time comes to take the shot. Having shooting sticks to help steady the gun will only improve shot placement. This lightweight adjustable shooting rest is easy to carry and a huge help to hold steady when ready to fire. A Quick Detach Yoke System with an integrated lock makes it simple to switch from gun to optics and back again. The adjustable stick makes it perfect for kneeling or standing while staying locked on the target.

Best Gifts for Cold Weather Hunters: Hot Shot Wool Mittens

Jacob Ash


Freezing hands out in the woods makes for a miserable hunt. The open fingertip design on these mittens allows fingers to stay warm but accessible when it’s time to shoot. These mittens will keep hands warm in cold weather without restricting mobility to accomplish tasks in the woods. 

Best Gifts for Moms Who Upland Hunt: Orvis Women’s Softshell Pullover



Nothing says fall like walking through the pheasant fields and grouse woods with a shotgun. This lightweight pullover is perfect for early-season upland hunting. It is trimmed in blaze orange for safety and provides that extra warmth on cool mornings. The pullover packs down to be easily stored in the vest when it warms up. Perfect for the early season when it’s too warm for a jacket but too chilly for a T-shirt. 

Best Gifts for Hunters Who Like to Cook: Crock-Pot Slow Cooker



Slow cookers are perfect for stew, chili, and even ribs. Prepare a recipe during the day and have it cook for hours until it’s time for dinner. It is especially good for cuts of meat that are known to be tough. This spacious 7 quart Crock-Pot is great for slow cooking wild game and keeping meals at an ideal serving temperature. 

Best Gifts for Moms Who Turkey Hunt: WoodHaven Friction Turkey Call



The WoodHaven friction gives off an extremely realistic sounding call due to quarter sawn cherry sounding board. It comes with two strikers and a conditioning kit to maintain the calling surface. And two matched strikers for a variety of different calls on a single surface. 

Best Gifts for Bowhunters: Wind Detector



Whitetails and other big game animals have an incredible sense of smell. This Deep Down Wind Detector is an easy-to-use powder that gives off a visual cloud of wind direction. It is a small design and fits right in the palm of a hunter’s hand. 

Unique Hunting Gifts: onX Hunt Subscription

onX Hunt


The onX Hunting maps are a game-changer and will improve scouting, hunting, and overall success. It shows property boundaries so hunters can always know where they are and what’s legal to hunt. Hunters can also mark spots, measure distances, and find useful information. There is a yearly subscription for either one state or the entire country. Check out their website for more details. 

Best Gifts for Moms Who Love to Hunt

It can be hard to find that perfect hunting gift for mom and figure out what she needs the most. Focus on useful hunting equipment that will aid her in the woods. It might be trekking poles to make hiking easier or an upland vest for the grouse woods. Any of the gifts above will serve as great presents for moms who hunt.

Outdoor Life wants to help you find the most useful and expert shopping recommendations for the best gift ideas. Searching for more unique gifts? Check out more gift guides here: outdoor gifts for mom, best hunting gifts, gift ideas for women hunters.