Amazon Prime Early Access Sale: Hydro Flask Backpack Cooler

Don't pay full price for the best portable cooler

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Backpack coolers are more convenient than lugging around an unbalanced chest wherever you need chilled snacks and beverages. Light padding protects you against any sharp edges while supportive straps give you stability. It’s even completely waterproof meaning one wrong turn or slight fall won’t send icy water down your neck. The Hydro Flask day Escape exemplifies this style of cooler by being extremely portable and comfortable to carry.

Hydro Flask Day Escape Soft Cooler (Save 30%)

Weighing 3 pounds and capable of holding 20 liters, the Day Escape is a reusable cooler ideal for travel or day trips. During the Prime Early Access Sale you can save $59 on one of the best small coolers of 2022.