The Best ATV Insurance of 2023

The best ATV insurance protects your prized (and pricey) off-road investment

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Owning an ATV or UTV is typically a large investment. The truck, trailer, gear, maintenance, and fuel all add to the cost of the actual unit. Protecting that investment is important, especially considering that anything can happen when you’re off-roading. You insure your cars, trucks, and home, so why not cover your quad with the best ATV insurance possible?

I currently insure 4 off-road vehicles: three dirt bikes and a 2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S 4. I carry coverage of $500k bodily injury and $100k property damage for all four vehicles, with full comprehensive, collision, theft, fire, uninsured motorist, etc.,  my total ATV insurance cost with a clean driving record and no claims is $1,478.00 per year. That’s money well spent, and it will cover me for any forseeable accidents or damages.

Here’s how to choose the best ATV insurance for you.

How to Choose ATV Insurance

The best way to pick ATV insurance or UTV insurance is typically to bundle it with a carrier that also does your auto, home, or other type of insurance. This will usually result in a discount. Plus, adding another insurance bill to pay from a different carrier is always a pain. If you can tack it on to an existing policy, go there first.

Most auto insurance companies now offer ATV/UTV/motorcycle insurance. Comprehensive, collision, fire, theft, and more options are usually available, and the policies largely function just like car insurance. Keep in mind that any aftermarket accessories need to be stated during the writing of the policy, because most ATV or UTV insurance policies are written for stock vehicles and stock replacement parts.

When You Need ATV Insurance and When You Don’t 

If your vehicle investment is small, and you would not feel financial burden should something happen and it become permanently inoperable, then you may not need ATV insurance. If you are financing your prized (and pricey) off-road toy, then ATV insurance is absolutely necessary, and often required. Insuring your expensive off-road vehicle is also a necessary if you travel with it to riding destinations. Every time you leave your property with your vehicle, you risk theft to some small degree. If camping in crowded riding areas, I recommend cable locking your vehicles to secure them. 

What ATV Insurance Covers

Typically, policies for ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles function like automotive policies. They include coverage for liability, both bodily injury and property damage. Many will include medical payment supplements. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is another option, with bodily injury and property damage supplements nested there too. If selected, comprehensive and collision coverage will also be available. Values are typically assessed on either a stated value or a cash at time of claim value. If you have a ton of expensive add-ons bolted up to your ATV, you better claim them up front!

Best for Progressive

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As one of the powerhouse insurance companies and the #1 motorcycle insurer in the country, Progressive has a large ATV/UTV department that is widely regarded as fairly easy to work with. Most brokers and dealers I spoke with said that Progressive was quick to respond. Progressive offers discounts for things like safety courses, multi-policy discounts, up-front payments, responsible driver discounts and more. Progressive even claims full replacement cost and no depreciation for parts.

What Does Progressive ATV Insurance Cover?

Basic protection for Progressive policies includes bodily injury and property damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist, comprehensive and collision, and medical payments. Optional Total loss coverage for new vehicle replacement, roadside assistance with trip interruption, carried contents coverage, disappearing deductible, and enhanced injury protection are also available.

Progressive’s ATV/UTV insurance is accessible, easy to use, and affordable. They’re #1 in motorcycle insurance for a reason. Simple coverage options come in three packages: Basic, Choice, or Plus. Online applications are easily accessible at Progressive’s ATV Insurance Website or by calling 855-347-3939. USAA Members can also save money on coverage through the USAA’s partnership with Progressive, which can be found here.

Best for Geico

Geico has the best ATV insurance

That cheeky British lizard has made Geico a household name, and ATV owners should take note, Geico is another customer favorite. Geico insurance tends to be a little pricier than Progressive from what I could find, but their basic policies are very similar. Collision, property liability, bodily injury, comprehensive physical damage coverage, medical payment coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist come standard with Geico.

What Does Geico ATV Insurance Cover?

Basic protection for Geico policies includes bodily injury and property damage, uninsured/underinsured motorist, comprehensive and collision, and medical payments. Optional upgraded coverage is also available.

Geico insurance is highly regarded by its customer base, with a 4.6 star rating. Adding a GPS tracker to your ATV or UTV helps it qualify for an anti-theft discount. Geico customers report reasonable quotes and quick turnaround times on claims. Visit Geico’s website or call 800-442-9253.

Best for Foremost

Foremost has the best ATV insurance

As a division of Farmers Insurance, Foremost writes a lot of ATV and UTV policies. Foremost was highly recommended by the broker we interviewed, as she claims they are responsive and easy to work with. Foremost offers affordable basic coverage, with optional custom-written policies for modified vehicles. Adjustable limits and coverage levels make Foremost one of the best ATV insurance options for any ATV or UTV owner.

What Does Foremost ATV Insurance Cover?

Basic protection for Foremost policies includes safety apparel coverage, $500 in optional equipment coverage, medical payment coverage, liability, collision, and “other than collision”, which includes fire, theft, flood, or vandalism. Foremost even provides coverage for your ATV or UTV trailer, valued up to $10,000. If you aren’t already insured, almost all companies offer online or phone quotes for convenience. Check out Foremost’s ATV insurance landing page here to find out more. Foremost operates direct or with a broker. Call 888-244-8092 for more information.

Foremost came highly recommended from the dealerships and broker I spoke to, mainly due to the fact that they are responsive and easy to work with. I heard from multiple parties that Foremost was quick to respond to claims and payments, and that customers were generally very happy with their service.

Best for State Farm

State Farm has the best ATV insurance

Like a good neighbor… you know the rest. State Farm offers off-road vehicle coverage that can be bundled with home, auto, business, life, or more. You name it, State Farm insures it, and their policy holders are typically happy with their customer service. State Farm’s agent network is over 19,000 strong nationwide.

What Does State Farm ATV Insurance Cover?

State Farm insurance covers bodily injury to someone else or property damage that you accidentally caused while driving your snowmobile, golf cart, or ATV. It also covers bodily injury to yourself because of an accident with an uninsured rider. It includes Damage to your snowmobile, golf cart or ATV caused by an accident, and also theft, fire, vandalism, and other losses even while your OHV is in storage.

State Farm’s network of Roadside Assistance, auto insurance, home policies, and easy additional ATV or UTV insurance policies make this a strong choice as a single-company insurance provider. You can find more information on the State Farm Website or by calling 833-332-1987.

Best for Allstate

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Allstate is another large insurance powerhouse company, and they offer ATV and off-road policies to go hand-in-hand with their other insurance products. Adjustable limits and accessible discounts like full pay and homeownership discounts make Allstate a good choice for those who can afford to pay the policy up-front.

What does Allstate ATV insurance cover?

Standard Allstate policies cover liability, comprehensive, and collision damage. Adjustable limits and additional coverage are available upon time of quote.

As with most insurance companies, bundling is your best way to save with Allstate on your ATV or UTV insurance plan. Multi-policy discounts, full-pay or payment plan discounts, homeownership, and safety course discounts will help knock the cost down a bit. Most user reviews we found were very positive. You can find out more information on the Allstate website or by calling 866-614-3800.


Q: Is ATV Insurance Required?

Some lenders will require insurance when financing, and some private riding areas also require insurance. Not all states require it to operate on public lands.

Q: Does ATV insurance also cover UTVs and SxS?

Yes. Almost all ATV insurance carriers cover UTVs, SxS, ATVs, motorcycles, ATCs, and more. The policies all operate the same way.

Q: How much does ATV insurance cost?

This depends on your record, the vehicle cost, and many more factors, but your average ATV can be insured for $25-50 per month. UTVs are quite a bit more expensive. Rising rates in the industry due to high claim percentages (many customers submitting claims) have caused rates to triple from where they were five years ago.

Q: Does ATV insurance cover floods, fire, and theft?

Most policies do. Make sure to ask your insurance agent. Some companies like Foremost list coverage for fire, theft, flood, vandalism, and more under the “other than collision” coverage bracket in their policy.

Q: How to use ATV insurance?

In the event of an accident, make sure you document it well. It is best to talk to your insurance agent when you set up the policy on the best practices to submit a claim. Should the necessity arise, you will be more educated on what is needed to successfully submit your claim.

Final Thoughts

Insuring your ATV or UTV is a bit like insuring your car, although it isn’t always legally required in order to operate your off-road vehicle. If you can assume that you would have a hard time repairing or replacing your unit should an unfortunate, unforeseen mishap occur, then you should consider optioning for an insurance policy. Most companies we looked at seem very easy to work with, and there are many more options besides the big hitters listed here. If you’re already working with a broker to insure your home or automobiles, call them up to discuss options.

Typically, if you ride a machine that is in close to stock form and you don’t have a horrendous driving record, then even the best ATV insurance should be an affordable way to make sure you’re covered in the event of an accident. If you have a fully-built, modified UTV with a ton of extra modifications, you will definitely need more than a standard policy, so make sure you work up a custom quote with a representative to make sure you’re covered.