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How to Make a Sasquatch Bed for Camp

Turn a long-term survival situation into something out of the Swiss Family Robinson

A survival bed that would make the Swiss Family Robinson proud. Tim MacWelch

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A bed can really make a camp feel more like a home, and lucky for you – a springy “Sasquatch ” bed isn’t that hard to make. Cut a few logs, some stakes and a dozen poles, top the platform with leaves, debris or other vegetation – add a sleeping bag and you’ll be snoring like Bigfoot in no time. Here’s how to build your own bed (under a shelter, of course) in a long term wilderness camp.

1. Start off with two short logs, about a yard (1 meter) long and quite thick. Set these on the ground under your shelter, a little farther apart than you are tall. Angle them a bit so they open more toward your fire, so they catch the heat more effectively.

2. Lay two poles on top of your logs. Drive eight stakes into the ground (two in each corner) to hold everything in place. Then add another two logs.

3. Add a layer of flexible poles for your mattress frame, making sure the stakes hold everything in place. There should be plenty of room under the bed to place hot stones underneath (without them touching the frame), to keep you warmer on the coldest nights.

4. Finally, top your mattress frame with soft vegetation for padding (so you can’t feel the poles). Add some bedding for comfort and insulation, and drift off to sleep.

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