Outdoor Life Classic Photos

This Snapshot image is an office favorite. Gladys Schaefer, shown here complete with rocking chair and rifle, hunted and shot her first deer on her 80th birthday. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Photographer Andrew Kaufman captures the moment just before the 41st Great American Coon Hunt begins. With the hunters holding back the dogs, baying in unison, we get the sense that something thrilling is about to happen. Outdoor Life Online Editor
We sent assistant photo editor Michael Mohr to northern British Columbia on his first assignment to photograph U.S. Marine Brian Donlon hunting moose in the remote region. Mohr delivered a series of wonderful shots that capture both the feel of the region and Donlon's experience there. Outdoor Life Online Editor
It took great restraint for the staff to keep from abandoning our wintry New York office and jumping a plane to the Caribbean to wrestle marlin after viewing this Feb. '08 photo. Outdoor Life Online Editor
When we saw this photo, from our February 2005 feature "Hooked On Sharks," we feared for the safety of photographer James Watt. After being reassured he'd come through the shoot intact, we could only wonder, "How?" Outdoor Life Online Editor
Another unanimous choice. Photographer Leo Keeler captures the chilling ferocity of a coyote defending its turf. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Cicero McLean – shown in this photo by Jon Veleas – caretaker to the North State Game Club since the 1980, embodies the character and personality of the Southern tradition of deer hunting with dogs. Outdoor Life Online Editor
An instant classic. This image depicts everything we want our magazine to convey – the beauty and power of the outdoors, all in one. Outdoor Life Online Editor
In a March 2006 feature, Andrew McKean described wolves as maneaters that should be treated as such. Photographer Daniel J. Cox shows that wolves, while deadly, can also beautiful, as this pack moves through the snow like dolphins through water. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The sheer size of this beast made this one a unanimous choice for our best photo gallery. Photographer Mike Barlow gets great detail both in the antlers and in the moose's coat and eyes. Outdoor Life Online Editor

To say that images of the people and creatures that inhabit the outdoors are beautiful, dramatic and worthy of our attention would be unnecessary. Outdoor Life has known that for 110 years. Since our very first issue, we have endeavored to bring the grandeur of the great outdoors into the pages of our magazine. Here are some of our staff’s favorite images from the past 10 years.