Outdoor Life Online Editor

Randall Cook

While in the army, stationed in Kansas, Randall got this tat to reflect his belief in the second amendment.

Edward DePoe

After getting the deer head, Edward added the Winchester slogan believing that it is the premier ammo company.

Tom Detrick

The Nuge saw Tom’s ink at an airport and called his Browning Buckmark and DU logo “hardcore.” Quite a compliment.

Freddy Green

This scene is supposed to depict the view from a tent at first light. Freddy says there are 48 colors in the whole mural

Rob Harris

Rob and his wife Nancy have been hunting together since they met, and have matching elk tattoos to show their dedication.

Nancy Harris

Along with her husband’s European mount tattoos, Nancy decided to get this portrait of an elk bugling.

Rustin Hatch

Tired of his wife nagging him for not bringing home any keepers from steelhead fishing, Rustin had this one put on his leg. Now he always comes back with a fish.

William Powers

As an avid smallmouth fisherman, William decided to get a tribal fish tattoo along with a hook/wave motif on his right arm.

Fred Palcovich

After breaking his leg on a turkey hunt, Fred dealt with his frustration by getting some ink. By the way, check out his beard collection in the background!

Speed Rasmussen

The mallard is Speed’s favorite duck, both to hunt and to eat. He needed this ink as a reminder for the off-season.

David Ronning

When you shoot a buck that scores 140-1/8 typical, why not get a tattoo as homage to that heavy-tined brute?