The Waterfowler’s Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Got a waterfowler on your gift list this year? Consider yourself lucky. Duck and goose hunting are equipment-intensive sports with … Continued


<strong>Federal Premium Black Cloud FS Steel Close Range Loads</strong><br /> <em>$21–$23; <a href=""></a></em><br /> Ducks decoying right into a waterfowler's face call for loads that spread out fast and hit hard. Made for 20- to 30-yard shooting, Close Range loads offer a wide pattern, making them perfect for ducks committed to small potholes, narrow creeks or sloughs, timber, or field-hunting situations. Three-inch 12-gauge shells carry 1 1/4 ounces of No. 2, 3, or 4 shot. Any waterfowler could use a box in their stocking.


<strong>Primos Mean Mallard Double Duck Call</strong><br /> <em>$43; <a href=""></a></em><br /> Double-reed duck calls sound more like ducks than single-reed calls. But double reeds are more difficult to blow effectively, and the two reeds can stick together. Not anymore! Primos' Mean Mallard Double features "tone ridges" and "tuning ditches" on the sounding board to make sure every caller can produce the raspy highs and guttural lows that sound like real ducks—without sticking. The Mean Mallard works in open water, timber, and field situations. Great stocking stuffer!


<strong>Avery Floating Blind Bag</strong><br /> <em>$60; <a href=""></a></em><br /> Just don't know what to get the waterfowler on your list? Well, waterfowlers can never have too many blind bags. Avery's 17" x 10" x 10" bag features 9 pockets and compartments for everything the duck hunter needs. One of the best features of all is right in the name: This bag will float (gear and all), and not end up in the muck at the bottom of the marsh. Available in KW-1 and BuckBrush camouflage.
MOJO Screamin’ Woody Wing-Spinner Decoy
The sight of spinning wings makes wood ducks lock their wings and come sailing right in to a decoy spread. MOJO’s new Screamin’ Woody wing-spinner does the job and looks the part, too, with a realistic wood duck drake paint scheme. What’s more, it runs for 16 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included)—so much more convenient than messing around with charger units and heavy battery packs.


<strong>Browning High Noon 4C Spotlight</strong><br /> <em>$70; <a href=";cid=371&amp;tid=7760"></a></em><br /> Every waterfowl hunter needs a good spotlight. Chief among the benefits: It provides safety by highlighting dangerous obstacles in the water as a duck boat navigates the darkness. The powerful LED lights in Browning's 4C High Noon Spotlight provide 700 lumens and shine out to 575 yards. Even better, this lightweight handheld unit is waterproof, it floats, it's submersible, and it operates on two "C" batteries (not included).


**Banded Dog Ramp **<br /> <em>$80; <a href=""></a></em><br /> After a long retrieve, every duck dog deserves a little help getting back into the boat. Banded's Dog Ramp attaches easily to the side walls of your boat so your pooch can get a grip and have a transition platform from which to jump in. Save yourself all that pulling and heaving, too. This dog ramp makes for a more enjoyable hunt for everyone involved: a gift for your hunter and the family dog. Adjusts easily to any duck boat, and folds up for compact stowing.


<strong>Drake MST Windproof Layering Vest</strong><br /> <em>$110–$120; <a href=""></a></em><br /> You might think a big bulky coat is what your waterfowler needs for cold, windy days in the duck blind. What that hunter really needs is something to keep him warm at the core without adding unnecessary bulk around the shoulders and arms, where guns are mounted. The solution? Drake's microfleece layering vest featuring windproof laminate. Available in Realtree Max-5, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades, and Mossy Oak Shadow Branch.
Dakota Decoy Xtreme Honker Floater Decoys
Most waterfowlers have a few beat-up old goose floaters for accenting their duck spread. Equip your hunter with something better. Dakota’s Xtreme Honker floaters are carved in detail, air-brush painted, and built with a recessed bottom to make them ride out the wind like a real goose would—low to the water. Flocked heads (in four natural positions) complete the realistic presentation.


**Rig 'Em Right Low Rider II Layout Blind **<br /> <em>$300–$330; <a href=""></a></em><br /> Field hunters need a place to hide, but ground blinds are notoriously bulky to carry around and hard to set up. Not so with Rig 'Em Right's Low Rider II. It sets up in 30 seconds (they tested it while wearing boxing gloves in a meat locker!) without pesky pins, and it folds back up quickly into an easy-to- pack unit. A lower profile than that of any other blind on the market keeps you hidden from the birds. Available in Realtree Max 5 or tan.


<strong>Lacrosse Aerotuff 5mm Neoprene Wader</strong><br /> <em>$350; <a href="–i-LAC700040"></a></em><br /> Waterfowlers usually take one of two strategies with their waders: Buy a cheap pair every season, or invest in a Cadillac unit that will last for many years. Lacrosse's new Aerotuff waders fit in the latter category. Starting with a 7mm Neoprene core and molded with liquid polyurethane (which is more durable, flexible, insulating, and lightweight than rubber), these waders are comfortable, flexible and tough, even under the worst conditions.

Got a waterfowler on your gift list this year? Consider yourself lucky. Duck and goose hunting are equipment-intensive sports with practically no end to the gear, gadgets, guns, and garb a sportsperson needs. And now you have Outdoor Life’s 2014 Waterfowler’s Gift Guide to help you make the perfect gift choice.