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IGFA Record Catches for October

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**Record Catches October Land locked atlantic salmon**
Danish angler Frank Jensen of Aabyhoej, landed a beautiful 24-pound 11-ounce Atlantic salmon (landlocked), while fishing Klaralv, Sweden. Jensen was using a nors flue for bait and needed 45 minutes to land the potential new IGFA all-tackle record.
Yelloweye rockfish
Fishing this summer in Seward, Alaska, junior angler Jace Heller of Seal Beach, California, USA, guided by IGFA Certified Captain Andy Mezirow, landed a yelloweye rockfish weighing 28-pound. The fish hit a herring being fished on the bottom and was landed in 20 minutes on August 27, qualifying Jace for a new male IGFA junior record.
Angler Fiona Stallard, of Perth, Western Australia, guided by Captain Adrian Watt, landed a 46-pound 4-ounce wahoo on August 30, to qualify for the IGFA women's 6-pound line class record. Captain Watt was pulling a Halco Lazer Pro 160 when the toothy critter hit Stallard's line. Less than a half hour later the fish was on board and the boat was headed to the weigh station.
Lake trout
Trading his Southern Hemisphere winter to fly fish in a Northern Hemisphere summer, Frank Bluch of Corio Victoria, Australia, landed a monster lake trout on Great Bear Lake, in Canada's Northwest Territories. Using an ultra thin tippet, Bluch fought the 30-pound 8-ounce lake trout for over four hours after it hit his white dumbell strip tease fly. Great angling by Bluch, and boatmenship by guide Captain Mike Harrison, can be credited for this amazing catch and potential fly record.
Wels catfish
Ajka, Hungary angler Zsedely Attila, landed a 297-pound 9-ounce potential IGFA all-tackle record wels on March 11, while fishing Italy's River Po. He was using a Rapala plug when the monster fish hit and needed the better part of an hour to bring this fish to the boat. Aside from the enormous size of the fish, what is even more amazing is that the River Po has produced three potential IGFA All-Tackle wels records within the past year, not to mention that all three have been released alive.
Roundscale spearfish
Andres Fanjul of Palm Beach, Florida, landed a potential all-tackle roundscale spearfish on August 20, fishing the Baltimore Canyon, off Maryland. Captain Heaton II was trolling naked ballyhoo when the 70-pound spear came into the spread. Fanjul battled the fish to the boat 30 minutes later for a potential new IGFA all-tackle billfish record.
Mullet Snapper
Two IGFA World Records might be going to junior angler Maximilian Hampl of Cartago, Costa Rica, for a single fish. While fishing Boca Chica, Panama, guided by Captain Antonio Isaza, Hampl landed a beautiful 29-pound 8-ounce mullet snapper using a live blue runner for bait. Ten minutes after the fish hit, Hampl had the fish in the boat and was qualified for both the men's 30-pound line class record and the male junior record.
Bluefin tuna
On July 11 of this past summer young small fry angler Jazmine Olivia Evans, of Melfa, Virginia, landed a 53-pound 6-ounce bluefin tuna. They were fishing out of Sams Hill, Virginia, trolling a Seawitch skirted ballyhoo when the bluefin hit her line. About 30 minutes later, Jazmine had the fish in the boat and a new potential female IGFA Smallfry record.
Blue tilapia
Using just a bread ball for bait, Pamela J. Henry of Stuart, Florida, USA, landed a blue tilapia on August 31, while fishing the Florida's South Fork River. She needed six minutes to land the 9-pound 6-ounce potential IGFA all-tackle record fish.
September Records
IGFA multi-record angler Ian Middleton of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, guided by Oliver Middleton, landed one of his favorite fish, a 34-lb black Papuan snapper on July 11, while fishing Lake Murray, Papua New Guinea. The freshwater snapper qualifies for the 50 lb line class record, and took Middleton eight minutes to boat. The current IGFA record is 30 lb 13 ounces recorded last year in the same region. Middleton holds four other records for the species.
A young lady angler who has held 81 world records and who is adept with fly gear, Heather Michelle Harkavy, of Coral Springs, Fla, USA, landed a greater amberjack on July 12, weighing in at 27 pounds while fishing off McClellanville, South Carolina. Guided by Chris Morrison, Harkavy's AJ took her 30 minutes to land and qualifies for the women's 20 pound tippet record. The current IGFA record is 24 pounds from Florida's Dry Tortugas, in 2002.
Using his fly tackle, Kiev, Ukraine angler Lurii Diachenko, landed a 6-pound 14-ounce Mongolian grayling to qualify for the IGFA All-Tackle record. Diachenko was fishing Lake Khurgan, Mongolia when the fish took his fly. The current IGFA record is 2 pounds recorded from Mongolia's Inchin River in 2005.
Fishing the Gulf of Mexico Chuck Redden landed a monster black grouper on July 25, off the coast of his hometown of Punta Gorda, Florida. Redden was using live pinfish, and after a 15-minute fight, the fish was weighed in at 59 pounds 14 ounces, qualifying Redden for the men's 50 lb line class record. He hopes to decimate the current IGFA record of 10 pounds 12 ounces recorded last year off the coast of nearby Ft. Myers.
Lady fly angler Margaret Shaughnessy of Medford, Oregon, may set a new record by breaking her current record after landing a roosterfish June 3 off Bahia de Los Suenos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Guided by Jesus Jorge Green Lucero, the fish weighed 19 pounds 0 ounces which is heavy enough to qualify for the women's 8-pound tippet record. Shaughnessy landed the rooster in 40 minutes after it took her kinky muddler fly. Her current women's IGFA tippet record is 8 pounds recorded almost a year ago to the date from the same waters. The fish was released.
Junior angler Ted Carroll of Chatham, New Jersey, guided by Rick Carroll, landed a 60-pound 0 ounce striped bass on July 26, while fishing Fishers Island, Connecticut, USA. Carroll's fish hit a live eel and it took him 10 minutes to land, qualifying Ted for the male junior record. The current IGFA record is 57 pounds 14 ounces made in 2008 from East Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada.
IGFA multi-record angler Ian Middleton of Cairns, Queensland, Australia, guided by Oliver Middleton, landed one of his favorite fish, a 34-pound black Papuan snapper on July 11, while fishing Lake Murray, Papua New Guinea. The freshwater snapper qualifies for the 50-pound line class record, and took Middleton eight minutes to boat. The current IGFA record is 30 pounds 13 ounces recorded last year in the same region. Middleton holds four other records for the species.
With John Winzel as his guide, fly angler Peter Morse of Leura New South Wales, Australia, landed a southern bluefin tuna on April 22, while fishing Pedra Blanca, Australia. Morse's tuna weighed in at 55 pounds 1 ounce and qualifies for the men's 20-pound tippet record. Morse used a Fat Boy fly and took 40 minutes to land the fish. The current IGFA record is 35 pounds 11 ounces caught in 2002 off Tasmania, Australia.
Fly fishing Italy's Lake of Annone, Milan's Paolo Pacchiarini landed a huge northern pike on June 19 qualifying him for the 16-pound tippet record. The fish hit Paolo's wiggle tail fly and 10 minutes later, the carnirvorous fish was weighed in at 36 pounds. The current IGFA record is 32 pounds 0 ounces pulled from Manitoba, Canada's Nejanilini Lake in 1994.
On August 3, smallfry angler Cody Thomas Mason Konop of Anchorage, Alaska, guided by Tom Konop, landed a huge lingcod, to qualify for the male smallfry record. Cody's fish weighed in at 52 pounds 12 ounces and took the youngster 20 minutes to land. The voracious predator hit his Storm wild eye shad, while Konop was fishing the Gulf of Alaska. The current IGFA record is 51 pounds 9 ounces.
IGFA Representative Dr. Julie H. Ball of Virginia Beach, VA, has 11 world records to her credit and after a 100 minute fight on June 11, may have a 12th record after catching a 74-lb cobia. She made the local newspapers for her Chesapeake Bay, Virginia catch that qualifies her for the IGFA's women's 20-pound line class record. Guided by Rudy Levasseur, the cobia took a live eel that Julie was using for bait. The current IGFA record is 70 pounds 6 ounces from the Gulf of Mexico off Destin, Fla., in 1996.
August Record Catches Angler Robert W. Simmons of Saint Charles, MO, USA, guided by S. Barreto Franco, caught this 4.76 kg (10 lb 8 oz) pinima peacock (Cichla pinima) on 7/13/2010 while fishing the Sucunduri River, Brazil. The fish hit Simmons' peacock jig and took him 5 minutes to land and qualifies for an all-tackle record. The current IGFA record is vacant.
Angler Stan Nabozny of The Woodlands, TX, USA, guided by Andy Nicholson, landed this 3.03 kg (6 lb 11 oz) Barbel (Barbus barbus) on 6/24/2010, while fishing out of Holme Lacy, United Kingdom. Nabozny landed the fish in 5 minutes, after it hit his marine halibut pellet, to qualify for the 10 kg (20 lb) line class record. The current IGFA record is 4 lb 14 oz (2.21 kg).
Angler Greg Bernal of Florissant, MO, USA, landed a 58.97 kg (130 lb 0 oz) blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) on 7/20/2010, while fishing the Missouri River, out of North County, Missouri, USA. Bernal's monster blue catfish qualifies for the new all-tackle record and took the angler 20 minutes to land after the fish ate his Asian carp. The current IGFA record is 124 lb 0 oz (56.24 kg).
Angler Xavier Casal of Miami, FL, USA, guided by Rafael Moran, landed the potential men's 37 kg (80 lb) line class record for broomtail grouper (Mycteroperca xenarcha) on 6/6/2010, while fishing Isla Santa Clara, Ecuador. Casal's grouper weighed in at 23.13 kg (51 lb 0 oz) and took 18 minutes to land after the fish hit the angler's Rapala X-Rap 30 lure. The current IGFA record is vacant.
Angler Marles H. Frankman of Golden Valley, MN, USA, guided by Ganpurev Enebish, landed this 21.55 kg (47 lb 8 oz) taimen (Hucho taimen) on 6/7/2010, while fishing the Ur River, Mongolia. This monster taimen took 30 minutes to land after hitting the angler's Dairiki streamer fly to qualify her for 08 kg (16 lb) tippet record. The current IGFA record is 28 lb 0 oz (12.7 kg).
Angler P.C. Ouwendijk of Ouderkerk Aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands, guided by Les Lozowski, was fishing Hollands Diep, Netherlands on 6/6/2010 when this 6.54 kg (14 lb 6 oz) zander (Sander lucioperca) hit his line. This potential 15 kg (30 lb) line class record was caught was caught using a Culprit Shad on a jig head. The current IGFA record is vacant.
Captain Brian Vaughn of Hilton Head Island, SC, USA was guiding clients on 7/9/2010 when he landed this monster tripletail (Lobotes surinamensis) to qualify for the men's 10 kg (20 lb) tippet record. Vaughn's fish weighed in at 7.6 kg (16 lb 8 oz), and was landed in 6 minutes on a lefty's deceiver fly. The current IGFA record is 16lb 6oz (7.42 kg).
Angler Craig Oliver of Pinetown, South Africa, was trolling a Rapala X-Rap lure behind his jet ski out of Umkomaas, South Africa on 5/23/2010 when this potential all-tackle talang queenfish (Scomberoides commersonianus) hit. Oliver's catch weighed in at 17.9 kg (39 lb 7 oz) and took him 15 minutes to land. This fish qualifies for both the all-tackle record and the men's 24 kg (50 lb) line class record. The current IGFA record is 31 lb 15 oz (14.5 kg).
IGFA Representative Peter F. Binaski of Costa Mesa, CA, USA, guided by Valentin Giusto, landed this beautiful dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) on 7/1/2010, while fishing the Pluma River, Bolivia to qualify for the 03 kg (6 lb) tippet record. Binaski's dorado weighed in at 7.48 kg (16 lb 8 oz) and fought for 15 minutes after taking Binaski's fly. The current IGFA record is 6 lb 4 oz (2.84 kg).
Angler Roger Hellen of Franksville, WI, USA landed this brown trout (Salmo trutta) on 7/16/2010 that weighed in at 18.82 kg (41 lb 8 oz) that would qualify him to share the all-tackle record for this species. Hellen was fishing Lake Michigan, Wisconsin, USA and was trolling a spoon when this monster hit. The current IGFA record is 41 lb 7 oz (18.8 kg).
Smallfry angler Brielle Bennett of Cinnaminson, NJ, USA, guided by her uncle Brian Bennett, landed an African pompano (Alectis ciliaris) on 6/3/2010, weighing in at 5.7 kg (12 lb 9 oz) to qualify for the female-smallfry record while fishing out of Key West, Florida, USA. Brielle needed 8 minutes to land her potential record catch after the fish hit her live pinfish. The current IGFA record is vacant.
July Record Catches Thomas Evans caught this 194-lb 8-oz tarpon on a 12-lb tippet. He battled the fish for more than two hours before brining it in off the coast of Pine Island, Florida near Ft. Myers. The current 12-lb tippet record is 177 pounds.
Multi-IGFA world record holder Sean Konrad caught this monster burbot while fishing in Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan. The fish weighed in at 25 pounds 2 ounces. Konrad holds the current all-tackle record for burbot at 19 pounds 1 ounce.
Frank Bluch caught this 4-lb 2-oz meagre on a 2-lb tippet in Australia. The current IGFA saltwater fly record is vacant for this species.
Aussie angler Rhys Clatworthy landed this 24-lb 14-oz golden trevally on his home waters using 6-lb line. The 6-lb line class record for trevally is currently vacant.
Italian angler Roberto Godi landed this 250-lb 3-oz wels catfish after battling the monster for 45 minutes. The current record stands at 242 pounds 8 ounces.
Wels live in brackish waters in eastern Europe and the fish grow so large that they have been rumored to swallow up people. Godi released this fish alive after weighing it and taking photos.
A new record species might be added to the IGFA records after Steven Wozniak landed this 1-lb 8-oz sicklefish while fishing in Ponggol Marina, Singapore.
After tangling with this 5-lb 3-oz spotted bass for more than 10 minutes, Ann Louise Voelz could set the female smallfry angler record.
Japanese angler Junichi Inada caught this 6-lb 9-oz nigoi using a red swamp crawfish.
Lance Erik Peterson may break a 12-year-old IGFA fly rod record after landing this 48-lb 8-oz roosterfish while fishing from the shore in Cabo del Este, Mexico. The fish put up a 45 minute fight after hitting Peterson's Mona-Lisa fly, and qualifies for the men's 12-lb tippet world record.
Charlotte Sampson landed this 51-pound lemon shark while fishing Summerland Key. And she did it while using 2-lb line.
Smallfry angler Jason Ackerman landed this 37-lb 12-oz flathead catfish on March 31, while fishing Lake Moultrie, South Carolina. This potential male smallfry record fish took five minutes to land. The current IGFA record is 35 pounds 8 ounces taken from the same lake two years ago.
June Record Catches Maximilian Hampl caught this 77-pound almaco jack of the the coast of Costa Rica.
Using ultra-light line, Jason Land caught this 38-pound grass carp in Kentucky.
Roberta Arostegui caught this 2-pound grey snapper fishing in the Bahamas. On light line the fish qualified for a the women's world record.
Masamitsu Okayama landed this 6-pound kitsune-mebaru in Japan. The fish is a potential all-tackle world record.
Ronald Campbell landed this 9-pound 10-ounce kokanee while fishing Wallowa Lake Oregon. The fish qualified for the all-tackle world record that has stood for 22 years.
Michael Romano caught this 8-pound silver redhorse fishing in Michigan.
Rikki Williams caught this 111-pound southern yellowtail while fishing off the coast of Australia.
John Cole landed this 23-pound striped bass on a 4-pound tippet off of Cape Cod.
Toquaiah Jackson Carter caught this 54-pound yellowfin tuna on a 20-pound tippet.
Stacey Parkerson caught this 46-pound white marlin on a 12-pound tippet.