One of the most important factors in being a good zombie slayer is looking really cool. Take a note from these shooters who participated in the DPMS Outbreak Omega zombie shoot last weekend. We rank the 10 best uniforms from this hilarious event. #1 – Chad Ridler
Armed with a Glock, Judge .410 and two Iaito swords, Ridler can kill zombies just by showing up and looking cool. Even a zombie outbreak isn’t going to make him put his cigar out. Check out the piece clipped to his shoulder. Is that not the most intimidating cigar cutter you’ve ever seen in your life? -Photos by: Stephen Maturen
#2 – Matt Pierce
Pierce tries to bring the weirdest rigs he can find to this event each year. Here he is with a M1919 Browning mounted to a wheelchair. He’s also packing a WWI-era Mauser and a bolt-action shotgun. Taped onto his helmet is his zombie hunting permit, complete with unlimited bonus tags.
#3 – Tom Huffman
Huffman works for Element Arms and built this “Black and Decker Zombie Wrecker.” This is the second model of the weapon (model one was put together with Gorilla Glue and Duct Tape). The gun doesn’t technically have a chainsaw attachment, it’s really a Black and Decker electric pole saw used for trimming tree limbs. Although, it’s probably just as good at trimming zombie limbs.
#4 – David Letourneau
Letourneau was a pacifist and didn’t even bring a gun to the event. His survival strategy was to hide from the zombies with this ghille suit. Props to Letourneau for wearing this thing all day in 90-degree heat.
#5 – Josh Piiorio
Piiorio was heavily strapped with guns and wielded two machetes. Everyone knows that zombies hate machetes.
#6 – Jake Mello
Mello came prepared with a gas mask just incase the zombifying agent was airborne.
#7 – David Seng
Seng drove all the way from Ohio to Minnesota on his 21st birthday to fight zombies at Outbreak Omega.
#8 – Zombie-Killing SEAL Team Six
Meet a zombie’s worst nightmare.
#9 – Tom Seibert (left) and Mike Kratochvit (right)
These dudes took a more laid back approach top zombie slaying.
#10 – The Spires family. Ben, Sarah and Alex (from left to right).
Little known fact: zombies are extremely vulnerable to Nerf gun fire. Aim for the eyes!!!

These shooters dressed the part in the DPMS zombie shootout last weekend.