I was about 15 minutes behind schedule once I got to my chosen spot. Within 5 minutes I had a bachelor herd of three bulls located.... ah! It feels good to finally be here, not to mention actually finding elk on the first morning of scouting. Two small raghorns ( A 5x5 and a 6x6) and nice mature 5x5 with long beams...I found a great mule deer buck in the canyon as well. On my way back to the trailhead I spotted a bachelor herd of 5 mule deer feeding amongst the wildflowers out in the open. One really nice buck with them. After a practice stalk... (I made it to 45 yards from the good buck) I headed to another glassing point to view where I'd come from... I found a big bull moose after 10 minutes.... man Utah has game everywhere!!! I got back to the truck around 11:45 and took to the road.
I drove just about every road on the east side of the North Cache unit checking trailheads on my maps and familiarizing myself with the country… I found a really nice spot to shoot my bow and glass so I stopped and set up the 15’s…. at 3:45 I found a really nice bull (too far to count points)… but he was a step above what I found this morning. I spotted a few cows here and there over the next four hours… one even came right into the same spot on a run… I’m hoping there’s a water source that I might be able to set up on during my hunt. I also managed to sight in a few more pins on my bow…. 70 and 80 yards… I don’t plan on using them but it’s nice to have confidence in your set up….. I also fletched 4 arrows for Katie’s bow while I was glassing…. multitasking at it’s finest! Day 1 of Scouting in the North Cache in the books. I’m off to Salt Lake to pick up Katie from the airport and we’ll turn around and be glassing by the evening. Until then.

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