Using an ATV or UTV to scout and access hunting terrain is about as common in today’s sporting landscape as driving a truck to the parking area. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, where ATVs are permitted (always check local off-road laws, especially on public land!) they’re a great way to cover more ground than possible on foot. But transporting a firearm safely is problematic without some specialty add-ons. Here are a few ways to think about traveling off-road with a shotgun or rifle that will keep both you and your firearm safe. First and foremost: Never travel with a loaded firearm on an ATV. Ever!


These are great for hunting purposes, but can also hold shovels and other tools when you have chores to finish. Kolpin

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The beauty of a rack-mounted friction grip is that is can be attached about anywhere there is a round-tube rack. They’ll hold an unloaded firearm or even handled tools such as a shovel, axe, or Pulaski for trail work in a low-profile and lightweight manner. Because rack grips are so adjustable, they can also carry a hunting bow.

Extra Protection

A hard-sided case that cradles its contents in foam is the best way to transport anything you don’t want dinged or damaged. Kolpin

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For greater security and protection from trail dirt and grime, a hard-shelled gun boot mounts to the side or rear of the vehicle and is ideal for transporting over long distances. Be sure to confirm that the boot you choose will mount on your vehicle; they are not universal.

For Miscellaneous Items

A large, soft-sided case is a terrific option if you need additional zippered pockets to transport things like ammo, tools, or even a few snacks and beverages. Classic Accessories

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Utility Task Vehicles (UTV), also commonly referred to as side-by-sides, present two problems. First, there is usually a passenger along, meaning multiple firearms to stow, and the mounting options differ from an ATV, which usually has tubular racks fore and aft. For UTVs, a carrier that mounts to the roll bar or cage is a logical way to safely transport unloaded firearms.