3 Ways to Add Storage to your ATV

A molded, hard-plastic box on the back of your ATV is ideal for carrying tools, gear, or additional fuel when you’re out and about

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Box lead
Mounting a well-made storage box on the back of your ATV will allow you to carry all sorts of items—like an emergency kit—that you might otherwise be without. Black Boar

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are highly useful in and of themselves. But they become even more versatile with any number of aftermarket accessories. One of the first add-ons to consider is an ATV storage box. From camping gear to spare fuel, clothes, or food, it’s easy to protect your valuables and supplies from the rigors of the trail with a solid-walled cargo box. Here are a few features to look for.

Top Pick

Adds Seating

A combination storage box and back rest is a great way to add not only some extra cargo space, but also room for an additional passenger. Use the compartment as a trunk for gear and equipment while both riders blaze the trail in style.

Easy to Install

Easy Mount

Some ATV boxes are sold with mounting hardware, and others are not. One approach is not necessarily better than another, although a box with its own hardware is likely going to require less improvisation to fit your vehicle.

Secure Closure

Weatherproof Option

A storage box with a fuel shelf is mighty handy on long-distance off-road trips. Individual side trunks on either side of the fuel can allow you to separate gear, food, clothing, ammo, or whatever it is you want to compartmentalize for greater organization on the trail.