Small-Game Dynamic Duo

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Browning T-Bolt While we all can agree that the ’70s started going downhill with the advent of disco, Browning’s decision to discontinue the T-Bolt after 1974 didn’t help matters. But happily, the T-Bolt is back, and we’re the better for it. The updated version has a few very nice features and improvements. The new swept-back shape of the bolt handle makes for fast shooting; the 10-shot “double helix” magazine is easy to manipulate and use; and, best of all, the rifle is pleasingly accurate, delivering a walnut-size 50-yard group with ease. ($623;

Smith & Wesson 617 Ready for a new hunting challenge? Try small game with a handgun, and don’t be surprised when you find yourself smiling more than usual. Hunting small game with a handgun, especially when you’re packing a six-shooter with classic lines, is a highly addictive sport. The 617 is a finely crafted revolver with a crisp-breaking trigger in single-action mode. A long-eye-relief scope–like the Bushnell 3200 2–6×32mm pictured above–will get you dialed in to the tiny vital zones that squirrels and other small game present. ($758;

BROWNING T-BOLT Excellent ergonomics make this rifle a fast-handling terror on rabbits and squirrels.

SMITH & WESSON MODEL 617 Go ahead, gopher. Make my day. This Smith is accurate, lethal and fun to shoot.

ELEY TARGET RIFLE When you’re hunting with rimfires, every shot counts. So don’t mess around with cheap ammunition. This Remington-Eley Target Rifle ammo is made to exacting standards for top accuracy.