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Outdoor Gear

Best 6 Baits

Although you may covet a tackle box stuffed with lures, these essential baits will fool (almost) every fish that swims. Clear out your tackle box this spring and cast these super six baits.
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Hot New Sunglasses

Polarized glasses have become mandatory for anyone taking to the water. From perch jerkers to guides, no fisherman should be without a pair. With this in mind, we tested 9 pairs of the best new sunglasses on the market.
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Hot New Baits

We meandered through the Bassmaster Expo aisles to find some great new tackle that your fishing buddies won’t hear about for a few weeks.
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Broadhead Test

We tested and ranked the 5 best mechanical broadheads and 5 best fixed-blade broadheads on the market.
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Gear Test Video Player

  • July 21, 2014

    First Look: Yamaha Viking VI Review - 0

    Getting the help you need to the job site or transporting a group of hunters into the field can be a burden. That’s where a big, off-road vehicle such as the Yamaha Viking shines. Yamaha released the new Viking line just a year ago and now it has added a second version to the family in the 2015 Yamaha Viking VI. I had an opportunity to test this new rig on a few fresh-cut trails just outside Austin, Texas. 

    [ Read Full Post ]

  • July 7, 2014

    Video: Leveraxe Makes Splitting Logs Look Easy - 5

    We recently raved about some of our favorite short axes and hatchets, but this new heavy-duty log splitter qualifies for the big leagues. The Vipukirves Leveraxe may be one of the coolest, most-applicable tools designed for campers and wood-stove users alike. Applying an offset center of gravity, the ax creates a lever mechanism upon striking the wood and allows the user to almost effortlessly split stumps into perfectly-sized logs for the fire. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 24, 2014

    Hunting Tip: How to Use Shooting Sticks to Improve Your Effective Range - 1

    Photo by John Hafner

    I have a couple of gorgeous mule deer on my wall that I never would have tagged had it not been for shooting sticks. The same goes for my best elk and a laundry list of game taken in Africa.

    Shooting sticks come in many varieties, but the common denominator is that all sticks provide an added measure of stability in the field and can dramatically increase the effective range of any hunter when they’re used the right way. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 23, 2014

    DIY Project: Weld a Treestand and Bowcase Carrier - 2

    Reader Project submitted by Chris Holdbrooks from Guntersville, AL

    Photo courtesy of Chris Holdbrooks

    “The width of the carrier is the same as the factory rack on my ATV [40 inches]. The basket is 12 inches off the ground, allowing plenty of clearance for steep approach angles, and the 22-inch-deep basket accommodates two climbing stands.

    “The trusses [horizontal members] that run from front to back have a 3/16-inch plate welded to them for bolting to the factory rack. Two horizontal members extending from the front of the basket insert into 1 ¼-inch square tube receivers welded to the ATV’s frame and support the majority of the weight of the carrier and cargo. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 18, 2014

    Tips for Protecting Your ATV When Riding Through Deep Mud - 0

    CC image from Flickr

    In today’s world of mostly belt driven ATVs and UTVs, the transmission seems to take a beating whenever you decide to get in the muddy stuff. Also, hauling a trailer or a hunting blind through swampy terrain can potentially destroy a machine’s driveline without you even realizing it.

    Obviously, the wheels cannot spin as well once you’re in deep mud. As you apply the throttle to get them to move, the belt begins to slip and starts heating up. These factors, when combined, can destroy the drive belt. [ Read Full Post ]

  • June 3, 2014

    ATV Review: 2014 Honda FourTrax Rancher - 0

    2014 Honda FourTrax Rancher4x4 Automatic DCT with Power Steering
    MSRP: $7,399 (Test Model); Ranges from $5,199-$7,799

    Honda’s FourTrax Rancher line of ATVs has earned a solid and well-deserved reputation for being some of the most durable ATVs on the planet. It’s not uncommon for ranchers raising free-range livestock on thousands of acres in the western U.S. to have a fleet containing several dozen Honda Ranchers. And they’re run from day to night, for many years and thousands of miles, and remain virtually trouble-free. The all-new 2014 Rancher was developed to continue in those footsteps while also gracefully evolving into a more refined, comfortable, and capable mid-size ATV.  [ Read Full Post ]

  • May 28, 2014

    Backwoods Gourmet: Best Backpacking Meals - 0

    Photos by Luke Nilsson

    Dehydrated backpacking food has come a long way since the salty, spongy, cardboard-tasting gruel of a couple of decades ago. Now, you can pack a surprisingly nutritious and tasty selection of lightweight foods for those trips when a stovetop or pizza stone isn’t an option.

    We evaluated three entries from four leading brands, comparing breakfast, entrée, and dessert options. The team consisted of me, my wife, and our three kids (ages 10 to 13)—all of us veterans of backpacking cuisine. [ Read Full Post ]