Video: Deer Crashes Through a Window, Wrecking a Flower Shop in Alabama

The flower shop is temporarily closed for cleanup after a whitetail ran straight through the storefront window
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deer about to crash through window
The deer was running at full speed when it unknowingly crashed through the shop's window. via Facebook

A flower shop in Pike Road, Alabama, was busy cleaning up yesterday after a deer crashed through one of the shop’s windows at a dead run. The deer was seriously injured in the crash and did not survive; the shop didn’t fare too well either. The business owner said in a Facebook post that the small retail space was badly damaged during the incident and will be closed temporarily as they try to clean up and replace the lost inventory.

“Thankfully no one was there to be hurt,” the owner said. “As for my shop, it’s destroyed, and I am at a loss of words to describe how heartbreaking it is to see all the hard work and dedication demolished within minutes.”    

The social media post also included video footage from the shop’s security cameras. The 13-second clip shows a whitetail deer running full-speed through a floor-to-ceiling retail window. It’s hard to tell what happens after the deer crashes through the window and slides across the floor to the back wall of the flower shop, but the deer appears to get up toward the end of the clip. The timestamp in the video shows that the incident occurred at 8:48 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

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The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene that morning and, according to a local news outlet, the deer died in the shop from injuries sustained during the crash. It’s likely that the animal was cut badly, and the deer ended up making a bloody mess of the retail space while frantically trying to escape a building it never intended to enter in the first place.

“It looks like a murder scene in the store,” one of the commenters said on the Facebook post. “Blood on everything!”      

Meanwhile, in Missouri, shoppers at a local Dollar Store are still talking about another deer break-in that occurred there on Jan. 16. This incident was mellow in comparison, as no people or animals were hurt, and nothing in the store was damaged. A video captured by one of the shoppers shows a doe trotting down the snacks and soda aisle before it was herded safely toward the store’s exit.