Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Arkansas

Arkansas has more than 100 public, state-owned wildlife management areas offering [excellent opportunities]( hunting_units.shtml) for hunting whitetails, turkeys, small game, and waterfowl. Anglers will find miles of creeks, rivers and lakes.

•5,827 acres

•3-point antler restriction and one-buck limit for whitetail hunters

•Closed during turkey season

•Surrounds Lake Dardenelle and provides excellent fishing opportunities

•Waterfowl hunting allowed in most of the area

•Three-point antler restriction on whitetails, two-buck limit

•1.2 million acres

•Deer and turkey hunting are primary draws

•1.8 million acres

•Part of the forest is located in eastern Oklahoma

•Extensive trail system for ease of access

•Located just west of Ouachita National Forest

•Archery-only whitetail hunting

•Three-point rule for whitetail bucks

•Archery-only whitetail hunting

•Three-point limit on whitetail bucks

•Special permit required for whitetail hunting

•Covers 176,000 acres

•Hunting opportunities include whitetail deer, wild turkeys, black bear, gray and fox squirrels and raccoons

•Big Piney Creek and north fork of the Illinois Bayou offer diverse fishing opportunities

•The "Sunken Lands" were created and as a result of the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811 and 1812.

•26,000 acres with 10,000 owned by U.S. Corps of Engineers

•Well known waterfowl hunting area

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Photo: Darnadelle Wildlife Management Area