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Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in California

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California Fish and Wildlife manages 1,000,000 acres of fish and wildlife habitat across 711 properties. These properties provide habitat for a rich diversity of fish, wildlife, and plant species and comprise habitats from every major ecosystem in the state.

Bighorn Mountain Wilderness

• 38,500 acres

• Habitat transitions from desert to high country forestlands

• Hunting opportunities include mule deer, mountain lions and bobcats

Plumas National Forest

• 1.14 million acres

• Offers dozens of campgrounds, many located on prime fishing lakes and streams

• Offers mule deer hunting as well as top fishing locations

Shasta-Trinity National Forest

• California’s largest national forest at 2.1 million acres

• Nearly 6,300 miles of rivers and stream offer top-notch trout and smallmouth fishing.

• 460 miles of trails provide backcountry access

Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge

• 39,000 acres

• Waterfowl hunting

• Limited pheasant hunting

Modoc National Forest National

• 1.7 million acres

• Lake, river and stream fishing opportunities for cool-water and warm-water species

• Big and small game hunting opportunities

Crocker Meadows Wildlife Area

• 1,732 acres

• Allows access to adjacent USFWS and BLM public lands

• Mule deer hunting and fishing opportunities available

Los Padres National Forest

• 1.7 million acres

• Black-tailed deer and wild boar hunting opportunities

• More than 1,200 miles of trails for access

Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

• Nation’s first national waterfowl refuge, established by Theodore Roosevelt in 1908

• 46,900 acres

• Prime waterfowl hunting

Merced River Recreation Area

• Located just outside of Yosemite National Park

• Contains Merced National Wild and Scenic River

• Excellent trout fishing opportunities

North Cow Mountain Recreation Area

• 52,000 acres

• Black-tailed deer, bear, turkey hunting opportunities

• River, stream and lake fishing opportunities

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Photo: Mount Elwell Hike, Plumas National Forest

Photo credit: flickr