Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Maine

Maine offers more than a million acres of publicly owned land for opportunities at classic North Woods hunting. It also features thousands of miles of inland rivers and streams for trout fishing along with excellent coastal fishing opportunities.

• 46,271 acres

• Owned and operated by The Nature Conservancy

• Offers classic Maine brook trout fishing on numerous streams and lakes

• 47,000 acres

• Offers excellent fishing for brook trout and landlocked salmon on numerous ponds and lakes

• Hunting is not allowed

• 5,500 acres

• Offers deer, bear and grouse hunting

• Brook trout fishing in streams and lakes

• 556 acres

• Shore-based ocean fishing

• Hunting is allowed on park grounds in designated areas

• More than 500,000 acres available

• Managed by state of Maine for multiple use including hunting and fishing

• Areas scattered throughout the state and vary widely in size

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Photo: Acadia National park

Photo credit: flickr