All the camping light you need for one low price

Don't get caught in the dark thanks to this awesome bundle.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you needed a light for something, but just didn’t have one handy? Most people have been there at some point. Whether you’re camping, walking around outside at night, or just trying to be prepared for an emergency power outage, now you can be prepared thanks to the Army Gear Ultimate LED Bundle.

This bundle is great for everything mentioned because it comes with several different lights. The tactical light has 5 different modes, so you can produce a wide range of lighting, from a floodlight effect to a narrow spotlight. The lantern is 8 inches tall, but collapses to 5 inches, making it extremely portable. The headlamp comes with a strap to secure it tightly to your head for those scenarios where you need both hands and the light on. The best part of all of them, however, is that they’re weatherproof, indestructible, and equipped with the best and brightest LED bulbs.

Never find yourself caught in the dark ever again, with the Army Gear Ultimate LED Bundle, thanks to this awesome deal. Grab one while you still can at $25 and be prepared for that next dark day.