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Quad 101: April 11, 2007


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This week we are taking a look into what you should bring with you on a ride. There are a few items you can pack that can get you out of most situations. Before we start, you should pick out a bag or fanny pack to put all your tools in. There are also bags you can mount on your fenders that work great.

Now let’s move on and talk a bit about the tools to include in your kit.

All-In-One Screwdriver–You can pick these up at any hardware store. An All-In-One is a simple screwdriver with multiple bits that can be switched out to create multiple tools (great instead of having just one screwdriver).

Open-end Wrenches–Find out the most commonly used bolts on your quad and pick up a few open-end wrenches in those sizes. If there are more then two to four different sizes get the wrenches with two sizes on one wrench.

Swiss Army Knife–You don’t have to fork out the money for the Swiss brand, but a good all in one tool/knife can often save a lot of headaches.

Tire Repair Kit–You can find these at most motorcycle shops or auto part stores. What you are looking for in the kit are, tire plugs, patches, rubber cement, plug tool, and a Co2 powered inflator. (Don’t forget extra Co2 cartridges!)

Tow Strap–A decent tow strap can get you back home. We recommend at least 10′ long, 15′ maximum.

Zip Ties–These little guys are the new duct tape, if you find some wires dangling a zip tie can prevent more serious issues.

Duct and Electrical Tape–There really is no replacing Duct tape–it can fix anything. At least that’s what we all like to think… In reality, Duct tape is one of the most useful items in your kit.


Flashlight–A small flashlight can make nighttime troubles much easier to deal with.

Loctite–When a bolt keeps wiggling loose, Loctite can keep it in its place.

JB Weld–This magical liquid will turn solid in a few minutes. If you have a crack or puncture that tape or a zip tie just won’t seal, this stuff might take care of it.

If there is something else you include in your kit, head over to the forums and let us know!