The Best Bowtech Bows Ever Made

One of the leaders in compound bow innovation, Bowtech has a model for every shooter

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Over the past decade, the best Bowtech bows have featured game-changing technology that’s won over the most diehard folks in bowhunting. The bow-making industry is unique in that it creates fans—folks who will only shoot one brand of bow. Besides Matthews, Bowtech has probably recruited the largest and most loyal following of fans. It’s easy to see why. From cams that adjust from Comfort to Performance settings to limb pockets that create shooting harmony to a tunable system that requires only the turn of an Allen wrench, the innovation hasn’t stopped.

How to Pick the Best Bowtech Bows

becomes: Which Bowtech bow is right for me? Chances are, there are several models in the lineup that would suit. Plus there are a handful of older models that are just as effective today as they were when first introduced. But you want to find the ideal hunting bow, and we don’t blame you. A bow that feels like an extension of your body will boost your shooting confidence like nothing else. Plus there’s nothing like a brand-new bow to motivate you into shooting more often before the season. Below are eight of the best Bowtech bows ever made. Give each review a read and find the best compound bow for you.

Best New Flagship: Bowtech Solution

Bowtech solution hunting bow

A 2021 flagship, the Solution is a do-all bow that will serve treestand hunters and spot-and-stalk hunters equally well. The big story with this rig is its speed and control. Fitted with a 6-inch brace height, this 32-inch axle-to-axle compound hits a top speed of 346 fps. That’s fast. Boosted speed means more energy downrange. My problem with bows faster bows is the lack of control and unforgiving nature they often provide. That’s not the case with the Solution. The draw is butter, and the DeadLock Cams don’t try to pull your shoulder through the riser at full draw. The shot is hushed. This bow even feels fast. Shorter limbs married with an optimized center-pivot riser reduce noise and post-shot vibration in the Bowtech Solution. Those looking to eliminate pin-gapping and get the most distance out of their moveable-pin sight will cheer this rig. Another benefit of the DeadLock Cams is that they make tuning a breeze. No bow press is needed. Just use a 3/32 Hex wrench to move the cam left or right along the axles. The grip is also an important feature. All Solution bows come with the Clutch Grip—a comfortable, low-profile, modular grip that melts into the palm-swell area. A bow’s grip is one of the most important features when it comes to personalization, and this grip delivers: it’s offered in four color options, and the Clutch Control Grip version can be purchased separately. Best For: Those looking to maximize arrow speed and still get a pleasant shooting experience. The riser design promotes balance, making this bow an excellent choice for any bowhunting expedition.


Weight: 4.3 pounds

Peak Draw Weights:  50, 60 and 70 pounds

Draw Length: Adjustable in ½-inch increments without a bow press between 25 and 30 inches

Best Short Axel-to-Axel Bow: Bowtech Solution SS

Bowtech Solution SS is one of the best Bowtech bows

Bowtech strives to make a bow that fits every shooter and meets their exact expectations. Enter the Solution SS. While the Solution is a fire-breathing dragon, the Solution SS is all about providing the smoothest draw and shot possible. Fitted with a forgiving 7-inch brace height, this bow hits a top-end speed of 332 fps. Shorter between the axles than the Solution (30-inches axle-to-axle), the SS is perfect for those who put maneuverability at a premium. It’s dimensions are great for cramped treestands, tight blinds, and thick timber. The bow handles like a dream, and I was impressed with its downrange accuracy and overall stability. A shorter axle-to-axle bow will often feel like it’s waverying at full draw, especially when the wind is bucking, but that’s not the case with this bow. The SS held well on target and delivered an exceptional shooting experience. Of course, tuning is simple via the DeadLock camp system. Best For: Those bowhunters looking for the ultimate shooting experience in terms of smoothness and overall shootability. The SS is the perfect whitetail bow, but shouldn’t be ignored by elk hunters either.


Weight: 4.0 pounds

Peak Draw Weights:  50, 60 and 70 pounds

Draw Length: Adjustable in ½-inch increments without a bow press between 25.5 and 31 inches

Best Short-Draw Bow: Bowtech Solution SD

Bowtech Solution SD hunting bow

It’s not uncommon for short-draw archers to get the short end of the stick when it comes to a flagship decked out with the latest and greatest technologies. That’s not the case with Bowtech bows. Those with a shorter draw can still experience exceptional speed and shootability with the Solution SD. This is a high-performance bow designed especially for those with a shorter draw, the Solution SD measures 30 inches between the axles and sports a 7-inch brace height. Max speed is 323 fps. While I haven’t slung carbon from this shooter, those that have branded the bow as smooth, accurate, and very forgiving. The DeadLock Cam System transfers maximum energy into the arrow, and the DeadLock Pocket, as with all other Solution models, locks every component of the bow’s structure together. This creates a rigid platform that ups accuracy and provides incredible durability. Best For: Short-draw archers looking for a rig that will work for any bowhunting endeavor.


Weight: 3.9 pounds

Peak Draw Weights:  50, 60 and 70 pounds

Draw Length: Adjustable in ½-inch increments without a bow press between 23.5 and 28.5 inches

Best Bow Made for Women: Bowtech Eva Shockey Gen 2

Bowtech Eva Shockey Gen 2 hunting bow

Women are a growing segment in the archery world. If numbers are going to stay on the uptick, bow manufacturers need to realize female archers need flagship models built specifically for them. Bowtech is doing just that. The Eva Shockey Gen 2 was designed by Bowtech engineers with input from Eva Shockey. The Gen 2 ensures maximum performance in a short-draw bow designed for female bowhunters. Compact and maneuverable, this 30-inch axle-to-axle compound hits a top speed of 323 fps, and at airy 3.9 pounds, the bow should be a joy to tote around the woods. Female archers who have shot the Gen 2 say it’s accurate and smooth. The bow is decked out with Bowtech’s best technology, including easy-to-tune DeadLock Cams, DeadLock Pockets, and torque-reducing DeadLock Cable Containment. Best For: Female bowhunters who demand the best hunting gear. 


Brace Height:  7 inches

Peak Draw Weights:  40, 50 and 60 poundsDraw Length: Adjustable in ½-inch increments without a bow press between 23.5 and 28.5 inches

Best Affordable Bow: Bowtech Amplify


Here’s a Bowtech bow that won’t have you taking out a second mortgage. The Amplify is perfect for the bowhunter on a budget or those looking to get a youth hunter into a serious hunting bow. Draw weight adjustable between 8 and 70 pounds and draw lengths (no bow press needed) between 21 and 30 inches, most anyone can shoot this bow. Measuring 31.5 inches between the axles, the bow has a balanced feel, and though there is a hint of post-shot vibration, it’s minimal. I’m not going to blow smoke and tell you the Amplify is as smooth as one of Bowtech’s flagship models. It’s not. However, this bow provides a pleasant shooting experience for the money, and I was impressed with its accuracy. The brace height is set at 6 inches. I would like to see that measurement at 6 ½ inches or above, but the bow is by no means unforgiving. The bow does have Powershift Technology, so shooters can easily switch the Binary Cams from Comfort to Performance settings. Another bonus is that for an extra $80, shooters can get the Amplify with a ready-to-hunt kit that includes a Ripcord Max arrow rest, carbon peep, four-pin sight, wrist sling, Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver, and an Octane 5-inch Ultra-Lite Stabilizer. Best For: Archerys who value affordable hunting equipment. Though I would label this rig as a beginner bow, it will work well for seasoned bowhunters as well. The bow is highly adjustable and provides a pleasant shooting experience that boosts confidence.


Weight: 4.0 pounds

Speed: 335 fps

Best Carbon Bow: Bowtech Carbon Zion

Bowtech carbon zion

Over the years, Bowtech has unleashed several carbon marvels (the bowtech Carbon Knight and Bowtech Carbon Ion to name a few), and I’ve shot each one well. The Zion is no exception. An uber-light bow (3.3 pounds) that is a dream to tote, this rig is ideal for bowhunting in the mountains. However, don’t overlook it as a treestand or blind bow, either. Measuring 31-inches between the axles, the bow hits a sweet spot for many archers. The 6.625-inch brace height is plenty forgiving, and hitting a max speed of 335 fps, this carbon compound is plenty fast. Quiet and vibration-free, the warm-to-the-touch direct-to-riser grip feels great in hand, and for a bow this light, it’s surprisingly balanced. Though I won’t say that the overall platform is as sturdy as the Solution or Solution SS, the bow is a killer inside 60 yards. The Synchronized Binary Cams are easy to tune and have earned a tried-and-true reputation. The bow does lack any DeadLock technology, but make no mistake, it’s a performer for those who love a carbon bow build. Best For: Those looking for a lightweight bow that will work in the mountains and the Midwest whitetail woods. This bow is bombproof, and though it lacks some of Bowtech’s top-end technologies, it’s a great go-to and comes in under $1K.

Peak Draw Weights:  50, 60 and 70 pounds

Draw Length: Adjustable in ½-inch increments without a bow press between 25.5 and 30.5 inches

Best Classic Bow: Bowtech Guardian

Bowtech guardian

One of Bowtech’s all-time best builds, the Guardian is a tried-and-true compound bow staple. Fitted with an ultra-forgiving brace height that pushes the tape a tick beyond 7 inches, this bow still hits a scorching 340 fps. Smooth drawing and vibration-free, the Guardian measures 30.75 inches between the axles and showcases the OverDrive Binary Cams, CP Dual Lock Pockets, and inward flexing on the draw FLX-Guard. The complete bowhunting package, a portion of the proceeds from every Guardian sale, supports our country’s first responders and military foundations. Bravo Bowtech! The Guardian’s look is distinct, and the Warrior Grey Cerakote finish on the riser is reserved only for this battle-tested bow. Best For: Any bowhunting endeavor you can dream up. This bow is a proven performer.


Weight: 4.3 pounds

Peak Draw Weights: 60 and 70 pounds

Draw Length: Adjustable in ½-inch increments without a bow press between 25 and 31 inches

Best Speed Bow: Bowtech Realm SR6

Bowtech realm SR6

One of Bowtech’s most accurate and speedy bows, the Realm SR6 won Outdoor Life’s 2019 bow test. Why? This list of reasons is long, but the easy switch between Comfort and Performance settings was key. At 32-inches axle-to-axle, this rig produces a top-end speed of 352 fps when set in the Performance setting and tips the scale at just 4.3 pounds. When you build a flamethrower that produces accuracy and is a joy to shoot, people take notice, and for this reason, the SR6 is still the choice of many. Though no longer in production, you can get your hands on an SR6 if you troll bow chat rooms as well as bow retail websites. Best For: Sending blazing arrows downrange with pinpoint accuracy.

Other Specs:

Brace Height: 6 inches

Peak Draw Weights: 50, 60 and 70 pounds

Draw Length: Adjustable in ½-inch increments without a bow press between 25.5 and 30 inches

FAQ: people also ask

What is the best Bowtech bow ever made?

It may be a bit biased, as I took my two largest whitetail bucks to date with the bow in just six days, but I love the Realm SR6. In my opinion, it’s Bowtech’s best build ever — the perfect combination of speed, accuracy, and forgivness. The grip feels great in hand and it’s the type of bow you shoot and shoot and shoot and then want to shoot some more. The bow builds shooting confidence and seems to always put the arrow in the right place. It was effortless to tune, balanced at full draw and just an incredible shooter. In my mind, the Real SR6 is Bowtech’s greatest of all time.

What is the fastest Bowtech bow?

It turns out that Bowtech’s best bow of all time is also their fastest Bow. The Realm SR6 has an advertised top-end speed of 352 fps. In the OL bow test it clocked in at 349.1 fps making it the second fastest bow we’ve ever tested, behind only the PSE Expedite at 354 fps. It came in just ahead of the Bowtech RPM 360, but featured a much better draw cycle and a better overall shooting experience.

What is the Best Bow for 2021?

It’s hard to go wrong with the Bowtech Solution, which is a joy to shoot and seemingly does everything well. But the key to finding the best bow for you is getting out and shooting a bunch of them, and then buying the one that suits your build, shooting experience, and hunting style. The good news is: Bowtech has a ton of options to choose from.