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ATVs: The Safety Gear You Need

Helmets are essential gear for ATV riders. O'Neal

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Plenty of outdoorsmen choose to not wear a helmet when they ride ATVs. Writing “always wear your helmet” in this article might not change that. But, I can still try. So: Always wear your helmet.

But besides a good helmet, there are other important safety gear items you should be wearing when you hit the trail. Here’s a short round up.

Long sleeves: As we all know, tree branches reach into the cab of the UTV from time to time and can even grab at your arms along the trail. Thorn bushes are merciless. Not to mention the creepy crawlies (bees, spiders, ect) you brush up against while riding along a brushy trail. Long sleeves will keep your arms protected from scratches, stings, and bites.

Gloves: Keeping a good grip on the steering wheel is a must and a reliable pair of gloves provides additional grip. Gloves also shed branches along the trail and keep the two things that provide control to the steering safe from harm. And, should you ever have to go to work on your machine while in the field, you’ll be glad you’ve got your gloves along.

Goggles: You only get one set of eyes, you might as well protect them. When you’re cruising along at 30 mph, a flying insect or the tiniest rock can do serious damage to your eyes. And if you’re driving and suffer an eye injury, you could loose control of the machine and put yourself and your passenger in a world of hurt.

Helmet: This has to be the most obvious safety item for ATV riders. But there’s definitely debate about whether helmets should be worn in a UTV. Studies show that you can benefit from wearing a helmet in a UTV accident, especially if someone crashes into you. So why risk it? Always wear your helmet.