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Regardless of what you think about the company, Rage has been listening to its customers and has launched several new broadheads this year, including the new Rage Chisel Tip.

The Rage Chisel Tip broadhead replaces the cut-on-contact tip with a newly designed bone-busting chisel point made from hardened stainless steel to punch through tough hide and bone.

While the new Rage Xtreme broadhead uses an improved upon shock collar for its blade retention system, the Rage Chisel Tip still uses a rubber O-ring that acts as a shock absorber for the blades. Although the O-ring system works, I would have liked to see the shock collar from the Rage Xtreme carried over to all the other broadheads in the new Rage lineup. That being said, at the ATA Trade Show, Rage had a slip on plastic collar that could be used on all of their broadheads for a more solid lock of the blades.

The Rage Chisel Tip is available in three versions. The 2-blade Rage Chisel Tip has a 2-inch cutting diameter and is available in both 100- and 125-grain weights. The 100-grain 3-blade has a 1.5-inch cutting diameter.

“Customers talked, and Rage listened,” said Jon Syverson, vice-president of Sales and Marketing. “There are bowhunters that really just prefer using a chisel tip broadhead. So we took the most popular mechanical broadhead in the world and added a specially designed Helix-Cut chisel point to the front of it. The results have been amazing.”

The new Rage Chisel Tip broadheads are easily recognizable by their black, anti-friction nickel-coated chisel points and red-anodized ferrules. They will be available at retailers nationwide this spring with a suggested retail price of $44.99 for a three pack with a practice head.

For those who like a bone-busting tip on the business end of their arrow, the Rage Chisel Tip broadhead is worth checking out.