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Want to start an argument quickly? It’s easy. Ask a crowd of diehard bowhunters, “Are mechanical broadheads or fixed-blade broadheads superior?” Want to fan the flames of that argument? Well, that’s easy. You can not only state that one type of broadhead is superior, but a particular model of that type is better than all the rest. So let’s get to arguing, shall we? 

However, we’ll make this battle a bit more interesting by focusing solely on the best crossbow broadheads of all time. Before we cue our walk-up music and climb into the octagon, let’s set some ground rules regarding the traits I’m looking at when evaluating the best crossbow broadheads.

For starters, there are two camps here. Some folks love mechanicals and would just as soon stand barefoot on hot pavement as use a fixed-blade model. And there are those who stand firmly in the fixed camp. So, to suit all, we’ll name the best of each and let you decide which horse you’d like to saddle. 

All of the heads on this list share some common characteristics. They must be unfailingly accurate. They must be built with a stoutness that will withstand bone-solid hits. They must be sharp enough to scare you (or at least easy enough to sharpen). Okay, let’s dive in.

The Best Fixed Blade Broadheads for Crossbows

Featuring a classic three-blade design with a trocar tip, this head is 150 grains of stainless steel whoop-ass. This heavy head is perfect for crossbow hunters looking for higher FOC and more arrow momentum. 

The broadhead features a 1-inch cutting diameter, and its compact design flies with absolute accuracy. After verifying the accuracy you can easily replace the dull blades with razor sharp ones. They run about $39.99 for a three pack and are one of the best values in broadheads.

The Alpha is one stout head. It’s made of 420J2 stainless steel and features beefy .051-inch blades that come plenty sharp right out of the package but are of a quality that can be worked to produce a truly scary edge.

The head provides a good balance of cutting width and compactness. The design features 1 ¼-inch main blades along with 5/8” bleeder blades, which provides plenty of cutting diameter for excellent blood trails. Yet, it’s not too wide to help minimize wind drag and thus provide excellent accuracy from uber-fast crossbows. 

The heads can be adjusted from 100 to 125-grains using the included modular weight system. A 3-pack of the Alpha broadheads costs $44.99.

Muzzy has long been one of the “standards” in the world of hunting broadheads, and that reputation is well-earned. Thus it only makes sense that their crossbow-specific model would be on a “best of” list. The Muzzy 3-Blade Crossbow Broadhead retains the same great features of the original. It has the classic Muzzy Trocar tip, stout blades and boasts a 1 3/16 inch cutting diameter. A three-pack of these heads sells for $39.99.

The original Montec has stood the test of time not only as one of the greatest crossbow broadheads of all time but one of the best broadheads ever made. G5 tweaked the original design to accommodate the higher speeds produced by modern crossbows. 

It’s made of a single piece of steel which means it’s ultra-strong and can be sharpened to a fine edge. There’s also a new carbon-steel model that is a sharpener’s dream. The machined construction also means there’s less tolerance stacking for reliable accuracy. 

The 100-grain Montec has three blades with a 1-inch cutting diameter. They cost $39.95 for a three pack.

Slick Trick heads have developed a very loyal following since their inception thanks to their accuracy, all-steel construction, and excellent sharpness.

The XBOW is a four-blade broadhead has a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter and comes in 100, 125 and 150-grain options. 

The blades are replaceable, and the broadhead’s geometry leads to excellent flight from fast crossbows. A four-pack of Slick Trick XBows costs $42.99.

Okay, so this is a new broadhead company, so how can it possibly make a “best of all time” list? Because the heads are that good.

They’re made in the USA and machined from a single bar of steel. They’re robust, accurate, and can be made as sharp as you can make them thanks to 11L41 steel that’s hardened to 45 Rockwell, making them able to take and hold an edge that softer metals can’t. These are four-blade heads that are downright wicked. 

They’re compact with a 1-inch cutting diameter leading to excellent flights from the fastest bows. These American-made heads run $42.99 for a 3-pack.

The Best Mechanical Broadheads for Crossbows

Based on the ever-popular Jak Hammer design, the JAK-X is a classic over-the-top deployment mechanical head that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. 

If an expandable broadhead opens inflight it can cause serious accuracy issues. To prevent that nightmare Wasp uses a double o-ring system that keeps the blades closed until impact, even when fired from the fastest crossbows. It also boasts .035-inch stainless steel blades that will hold up to impacts with bone. The Stainless Steel Smart Tip (SST) is pre-aligned with three stainless steel blades ensuring maximum penetration by creating a straight cutting path through anything that gets in its way. Fully deployed it delivers a 1 ¾-inch cutting diameter and weighs 100 grains. A 3-pack of JAK-X broadheads costs $37.99.

If you want the penetration of a fixed blade and the cutting diameter of a mechanical, then a hybrid head is for you. 

This wicked package combines a fixed-blade setup with a pair of mechanical blades that combine for holes 1 ½-inches in diameter and a total cutting surface of nearly three inches.

The blades are stout, and the chisel tip has proven durable. The heads are 100 grains and, as with all Grim Reaper heads, are sharp and made in the USA. A three-pack costs $44.99.

If you’re a hunter that wants a broadhead with a massive cutting diameter then the Swhacker #251 is worth a look. This two-blade crossbow-specific model from Swhacker has a 3-inch cutting width.

The heads weigh in at 150 grains which will increase kinetic energy and provide plenty of punch. Swhacker heads are known for their blade sharpness and accuracy and this head does nothing to tarnish that reputation. A three-pack sells for $37.95 and includes one practice head.

The crossbow version of the popular RaptorTrick is excellent. Like all Slick Trick models, it’s made entirely of solid steel and flies like a dart. The mechanical head was designed specifically for the fastest crossbows on the market, and the deployment system has been tested at speeds in excess of 400 fps to ensure the blades stay locked in flight.

The broadhead has a two-inch cutting diameter, and the blades are .035 inches thick. A three-pack of RaptorTrickX runs $47.99.

No list of broadheads would be complete without at least one model from Rage Broadheads. Rage redefined mechanical heads with the introduction of rear-deploying blades, and they offer several crossbow-specific models. From the wide-cutting X-treme NC Crossbow and Hypodermic Crossbow to the classic Crossbow X Blade, there is an option to suit nearly all crossbow hunters. The Crossbow X has a two-inch cutting diameter and is available in 100 or 125-grain models. A three-pack sells for $44.99.


Q: Are mechanical or fixed broadheads better?

There are pros and cons to each. Mechanical broadheads are typically more accurate, especially at long distances. Fixed blade broadheads typically are more durable and have better penetration. Both styles of broadhead need to be razor sharp and require proper shot placement to be effective.

Q: What is the most accurate broadhead?

The most accurate broadhead out of any given bow or crossbow will usually be a mechanical broadhead made with exacting tolerances. However, there are many factors that affect the accuracy of archery equipment. The best thing to do is to test a couple models out of your specific bow, with your specific arrows to find the most accurate broadhead for your setup.

Q: Do crossbows use special broadheads?

Crossbows shoot arrows much faster than vertical bows, which increases the planing effect caused by the blades of a broadhead. That’s why most crossbow broadheads have a low profile design for improved accuracy. Also, many crossbows shoot larger diameter arrows than vertical bows, so crossbow broadheads are designed to match with those arrows.

What’s the Best Crossbow Broadhead?

The crossbow broadhead you choose will depend on the animal you hunt, your crossbow, and your personal preference. If you’re hunting moose, elk, or other large game then you might want the added penetration of a heavy fixed blade broadhead like the Wasp Sledgehammer. If you’re hunting whitetails then a mechanical like the Slick Trick RaptorTrick X might be the best for you.

Also, some crossbows might not shoot certain broadhead designs accurately. It could take some experimentation to find the broadhead your bow shoots best. The final factor is a personal preference. If you’ve had a bad experience with either style or even a specific brand, that will factor into choosing your crossbow broadhead. The most important thing is that you use a broadhead that flies well from your crossbow, is razor-sharp and that you make accurate shots for quick kills.