Gone Fishin’ blog visitor Outdoor Jester had a point about the small bones in typical eating-size trout (see my last post Best & Worst Eating Fish). But if you were to crank in a trout the size of Adam Konrad’s pending all-tackle world record rainbow, that wouldn’t be a problem. Just look at it.

This baby weighed in at 43.6 pounds and had waistline of 34 inches! You’d get slab fillets all right, but I’m sure the monster is ultimately headed to the taxidermist. Pending_record_rainbowThe fish came from Lake Diefenbaker, a reservoir in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, on June 5. It ate a four-inch Mepps Syclops spoon on 6-pound-test line. Adam’s twin brother, Sean, holds the 8-pound-test line rainbow record for a fish weighing 34.5 pounds. The bros plan on guiding for trophy Saskatchewan trout full time. Reach them through the website:, which is devoted to big trout across the US and elsewhere.

And let me know how you think you really would cook up a fish like this.