Anti-tax, pro-gun? Then you are a ‘terrorist’

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Don’t like being taxed to pay for wasteful government programs? Want to ensure your Second Amendment rights aren’t infringed upon? Willing to attend rallies to peacefully and legally demonstrate how important these issues are to you?

Then you — yes, you! — just might be a “terrorist.”

According to bulletins issued to the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security in April and June by the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response, anti-tax and Second Amendment rallies staged in Harrisburg this year warranted “terrorism-alert” warnings.

“Pennsylvania militia groups apparently are planning on attending” the events, the institute warned, and law enforcement might have to provide “crowd control.”

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that both events were peaceful and there was no evidence of “militia groups” in attendance.

Disclosures about the warnings have many asking questions, including Republican state senators Daryl Metcalfe, who sponsored the annual Second Amendment rally in April and the anti-tax rally in June, and Mike Folmer, founder of The Constitutional Organization Of Liberty, or COOL, which was misidentified as a rally sponsor.

They not only want to know why they and their supporters have been identified as “terrorists,” but why the state paid the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response, an Israeli terrorism research firm, $103,000 for that determination.

“This is the type of activity you hear so many people talk about when they say what they think is wrong with government,” Metcalfe said.

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