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How keeping a record of your shooting will make you a better marksman.

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Want to develop the exacting accuracy needed to make first-shot hits? Then do what the finest precision shooters do and record each shot you fire in a Rifle Record Book. Not only will this keep track of how well you, your rifle and your ammo perform, but the process will help you focus on individual shots and develop patience and attention to detail. Along the way you’ll discover your rifle’s “personality,” or its performance subtleties.

I keep one record book for each rifle, so that, for instance, I know the slight trajectory changes when I fire my .308 Remington VSSF at all temperatures, from 32 to 91 degrees. Another record book helped me determine that a riflescope was wandering from true zero at 6X magnification, although it was dead-on at 10X and 3.5X magnification.

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