More than 1,300 knife attacks have been reported in the last two years in Boston. Therefore, some politicians say, if the city restricts the sale of pocketknives, there will be no more stabbings in Beantown.

It is, of course, the logical extension of the fundamentally illogical premise of gun control: People don’t stab people, knives do.

On Sept. 8, the Boston City Council’s Public Safety Committee held a public hearing on a proposal to license the sale of knives with blades 3-inches and longer. Proponents say licensing is needed to curb “ever-increasing knife violence in Boston.” Or, as a Sept. 9 Ammoland blog more accurately phrased it, “Some scapegoat must be found.”

Jim Wallace, executive director of Gun Owners’ Action League, challenged the proposal during the hearing, reminding local officials that stores that sell knives are already licensed by the city, for which they pay a fee and are subject to city oversight as to their compliance with the law, and that there is already an ordinance that makes it illegal to sell a knife with a blade 2 inches or longer to anyone under age 18. If the city enforced its existing laws, there would be no need for new regulations.

A draft ordinance is expected to be presented to the City Council within a few weeks.

Even in a liberal stronghold such as Boston, the proposal is prompting a great deal of head-scratching.

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