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DPMS Goes Long Range With New Tactical Precision Rifle

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DPMS Firearms, after hearing numerous requests for a lighter, enhanced version of the company’s Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (discontinued in 2009), now offers the new Tactical Precision Rifle or TPR chambered in 5.56 NATO. The TPR is built for long-range accuracy, with a 20-inch 416 stainless steel heavy barrel.

Other features include a M111 Modular Free-Float rail system, an AAC Blackout flash suppressor, a B5 Systems-Special Operations Peculiar Modification stock, and a Magpul Original Equipment grip and trigger guard.

What kind of long-range accuracy can you expect from this rifle? DPMS offers no accuracy guarantees on its rifles. But Fred T. Mastison, President of Force Options Tactical Training Solutions in Chandler, Arizona, notes that the TPR is closely related to another DPMS rifle — the Panther LRT-SASS — a rifle designed to do precision shooting for the military and law enforcement.

“With that as a design base, I can tell you that the TPR is capable of extreme accuracy,” says Mastison. “Generally these guns are built to shoot sub MOA, with the ability to shoot ¾ to ½” groups at 100 yards. With a barrel length of 20″ and a 1×9 rate of twist, I would run 55 grain SMK match ammo through it. With good optics and a clean trigger, a decent shooter can get good and consistent hits at 600 yards. If you employ a good spotter /shooter team? This rifle could be capable of 800-plus yard hits, if weather cooperates.”

The TRP has an MSRP of $1349.