Winchester’s New Rimfire Round: Will it Be Accurate and Affordable?

John B. Snow Avatar

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We broke the news here that Winchester is introducing what is going to be the fastest rimfire cartridge in the world in early 2013. What’s clear is that this round will up the performance bar for rimfires by quite a margin giving it a clear ballistic advantage over other rimfire rounds.

But how will it do with respect to the two “A”s: accuracy and affordability? I know that one of Winchester’s main goals is to keep the round affordable, about within 10 to 15 percent of the price of current premium rimfire ammunition–so it should be competitively priced.

With respect to accuracy, I have reason to be optimistic and reason for concern. Some key elements of this cartridge have a proven track record when it comes to accuracy, while others are venturing into uncharted, and potentially hazardous territory–at least from the standpoint of turning in small groups.

But Winchester’s key partner in this venture–the company that is making the first rifles for this round–takes its accuracy very seriously, so I’d be surprised if the round doesn’t turn in varmint-sized groups at 200 yards.

But I’ll only know the answer to that question once I get behind the trigger.