Bill Maher Says Second Amendment is B.S., But Owns Two Guns

Uber-liberal HBO 'Real Time' host Bill Maher has never been vague in expressing his contempt for the Second Amendment and gun owners.

But it wasn't until the Friday, May 18, segment of 'Real Time' that viewers learned that Maher, like so many left-wing elitists, doesn't think the same laws that apply to you apply to him.

While mocking the Constitution and Bill of Rights during a panel discussion with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times and MSNBC's S.E. Cupp, Maher criticized the failed Manchin-Toomey expanded background checks bill because it prohibited a national gun registry.

"Of course we need a gun registry," Maher said. "The Second Amendment is bullsh*t."

A short while later in his blathering discourse, Maher revealed he actually owns two firearms that he keeps in his home -- one upstairs and one downstairs -- and that he goes to the range twice a year to practice shooting.

Maher said there have been 12 home invasions in his neighborhood over the last year and he needs the guns to protect himself.

"As long as we live in the gun country, I ain't giving up my guns," he said.

And why should he?

He's Bill Maher and you're not.

For you, "The Second Amendment is bullsh*t."