Shooting Tips: 12 Options for Carrying a Concealed Handgun

John B. Snow Avatar

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If you need to bring your gun with you, here are the 12 most popular and useful holster carry options.

1. Strong-side belt holster
Worn on the belt outside the waistband (OWB) and slightly behind the hip on the shooter’s strong side, this option is very concealable. It’s the first choice of many experts for carrying mid- and full-size handguns.

2. Waistband holster
This slips inside the waistband of the pants and is held in place with a spring clip or leather snap loop over the pants belt. It can be positioned anywhere along the waistline and is one of the best concealment techniques.

3. Shoulder holster
A harness positions the handgun holster beneath the weak-side
armpit. These are useful in colder climates under a heavy coat that may impede access to a belt gun, but very uncomfortable in warm humid climates.

4. Cross-draw holster
This OWB holster is worn on the weak side and just forward of the hip. It allows access to the gun with either hand but is a bit more difficult to conceal.

5. Briefcase holster
This tactical case has an internal holster designed to conceal your gun next to your day planner and other office essentials. Also makes having your gun stolen really easy.

6. Ankle holster
Normally worn on the inside of the weak-side ankle, some find these a convenient way to carry a small backup pistol. They are not recommended as a means to carry your only gun, since they are difficult to access.

7. Fanny-pack holster
When worn in the front, these are an excellent method of carrying a handgun when not wearing your normal attire; such as when out jogging or cycling. Some holster makers offer them with specially designed gun compartments that are quick to access.

8. Pocket holster
These are designed to carry a small handgun in a jacket or coat pocket. They are very useful if your wardrobe allows it, and are a favorite backup gun-carrying method for this writer.

9. Belly band
These are elastic bands that wrap around the stomach above the hips with a holster pocket that can fit a small handgun. The band is easily concealed under a shirt and is a good choice for females, since the bust line helps conceal the gun when worn in front.

10. Bra holster
This holster clips to the middle of the bra between the breasts and holds a small handgun. It is quite concealable, and the gun is drawn by pulling straight down.

11. Purse holster
Some holster makers offer purses with a built-in holster compartment. This makes quick access to the gun easier than when a pistol is simply dropped into a purse with all the other items, but does increase the likelihood of theft.

12. Thigh holster
A maximum concealment rig women can wear under a skirt, thigh holsters are also worn outside the clothing on the strong side by many LE and Military personnel to easily access a gun below bulky body armor.