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Video: Leveraxe Makes Splitting Logs Look Easy

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We recently raved about some of our favorite short axes and hatchets, but this new heavy-duty log splitter qualifies for the big leagues. The Vipukirves Leveraxe may be one of the coolest, most-applicable tools designed for campers and wood-stove users alike. Applying an offset center of gravity, the ax creates a lever mechanism upon striking the wood and allows the user to almost effortlessly split stumps into perfectly-sized logs for the fire.

Check out this video of the Leveraxe prototype in action. Here you can see users fly through large logs, swiftly swinging away until nothing but a pile of perfect firewood remains. A job once designated for your buddy with the broadest shoulders looks like it could become the easiest task at camp. Now sit back and enjoy those s’mores.

The Leveraxe goes for about $300, although it currently appears to be on backorder.