If you enjoy hunting and fishing public lands and waters in this fine country of ours, now is the time to make democracy work for you:

We’ve received word that the Bi-Partisan Sportsmen’s Act (read about what’s in the bill here) is number three on the roster for action on the Senate Floor. That means we need a little push from you. The American hunter and angler is needed to ensure that a vote comes up on this critical piece of legislation before Congress takes its August recess.

Two people need to hear from you:

Senator Harry Reid, Majority Floor Leader: Contact him here.

Senator Mitch McConnell: Minority Floor Leader: Contact him here.

The message is simple: Let the Bi-Partisan Sportsmen’s Act come up for a vote, and work together to ensure its passage. Many people from across America have worked hard to put together a package that invests wisely in our public wildlife and the multi-billion dollar outdoor economy. It’s time to put aside the petty differences of congress and pass legislation that benefits all Americans.

If you want to contact your own Senators and ask them to push leadership in both parties, you can do so through this action alert issued by Keep America Fishing.