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SOG’s Force knife is the meanest knife in my collection, hands down.

The stout thickness and minimal grind profiles are the secrets behind the strength of the blade. The Force is one of the best-constructed and toughest fixed-blade knives in the SOG knife family. But is it functional in the field?

The Chopping Test

I couldn’t wait to get it out in the field to see how well it cut. The SOG Force is big enough and strong enough to handle most camp chores like chopping branches and saplings. A 2-inch-diameter piece of white oak was chopped in two, quickly. I then cut off some hard, dried, knotty pine branches; and the blade still maintained its original sharpness. After quite a lot of chopping, the Force still cut heavy rope like it was butter. It also split wood well, when using a baton.
The Carving Test**

I don’t think there is anything the Force can’t carve: wood, venison, an aluminum can, and then a tomato. It carved friction fire equipment and trap parts with ease. The serrated section of the blade sawed and carved material away quickly, and cut ropes in a snap.

The Knife’s Features

The blade on the SOG Force is a thick AUS 8 steel, which is razor sharp right out of the box and virtually unbreakable. The handle is made of a glass-reinforced nylon, through which the tang of the blade extends out the back into a glass-breaking point. The glass-reinforced nylon is incredibly lightweight, making the Force easy to carry at just 10.5 ounces. The handle has a contoured shape and is covered in an aggressive checkering, which keeps the knife securely in hand.

What are my favorite aspects of this knife?

My favorite things about the SOG Force are its heavy construction and the way it keeps an edge. If you were heading out into the wild for a long time, and could only have one knife, this should be the one. As I said, this is the meanest knife I own.

Do you own the SOG Force? Tell us how you like it, or whether there’s anything you’d improve about it, in the comments.