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Survival Gear: How to Use a Tactical Pen

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These days, it seems like there is a tactical version of everything we buy. That one word–“tactical”– informs us that someone has put a combative spin on an everyday item like a flashlight, a key chain, or even a ball point pen. These ruggedized, intensified, or weaponized items can provide us with one more way to defend ourselves and our loved ones. So having tactical versions of different kinds of gear is not a bad thing at all.

Consider the tactical pen for a moment. In its most basic form, it is simply a rugged pen that both writes on paper and serves as a spike that could be used in hand-to-hand combat. Any pen or pencil could stab an attacker; but a tactical pen can be used to fight back with a surprisingly sharp point, and without the fear of the thing bending or breaking in half.

A tactical pen can be held and carried in plain sight, and few people will ever think anything of it, let alone feel threatened by your pen. You can have it in your pocket or clipped onto your shirt collar, and no one is the wiser.

You’d probably only get laughs if you were to wave a tactical pen around when confronted by thugs, yelling “Back off! This is a TACTICAL pen!” But that’s not what these things are about. The tactical pen is designed to be the sucker punch that any man, woman, or youngster can deliver when they get grabbed from behind, or otherwise taken by surprise.
If you have the pen within reach, you can grab it and drive it into the hand, wrist, groin, throat, eye or other vulnerable spot on an assailant. Most of these pens have a well-designed grip to keep the weapon where it belongs, in your hand; and any weapon in your hand is better than none at all.

Sure, you can go to any office supply store and buy a sturdy pen; but check out the pens at the gun shop on your next trip. Maybe you’ll see one that catches your eye and becomes the thing that saves you in an unexpected survival scenario.