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Survival Gear: The Weirdest Stuff That Should Be In Your Survival Kits And Bug Out Bag

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Opinions about survival gear and Bug Out Bag contents are as varied as political views these days. Everybody has their own version of the right stuff to carry and the wrong stuff to carry, and sometimes we just can’t seem to agree.

But what about the weird stuff? Those bizarre items that you might not think to carry. Most people don’t spend much thought on the unusual things that could be (or should be) in your survival kits and BOBs. Here’s my top five “under the radar” essentials:
5-hour Energy:** If you are a caffeine addict like me, then this little bottle of nectar will go down smoother than spinach in Popeye’s throat when coffee isn’t an option. When the chips are down and you are running out of steam, knock back an energy drink and keep plugging away. It also helps to stave off caffeine withdrawal headaches.
Cigarettes (even if you don’t smoke):** Think of all the smokers out there who would instantly become your best friend if you had spare smokes to hand out. They also make for good, lightweight tinder.

Vodka: You’ll get more bang for your buck carrying around a little bottle of hard liquor than a bottle of beer. This can serve as a wee nip you swallow for courage, or as a disinfectant as part of your medical gear.

Candy: Since vodka doesn’t solve every problem, keep some hard candy in your survival gear. Sugar is great short-term fuel, and a few sweets can lift the morale of both the grownups and the kids in a group.

A little notebook or journal: Rip out pages to make notes to communicate or signal for help. Take notes that could come in handy as your survival situation goes on. Keep your sanity by journaling during trying times. Use the paper as tinder. The list goes on.

So, what’s your essential gear that might be a little out of the ordinary? Please let us know in the comments.

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